What Makes a Good Rapper? Top 11 Habbits

If you ask anyone from the young generation what kind of music do they like, the answer is surely to be rap.

After all, this genre of music creates a vibe that others just cannot. This is the reason why many people nowadays aspire to become a rapper.

And, though this a great idea, there is one very important thing you need to understand.

There is a huge difference between a rapper and a good rapper. A rapper creates music, but a good rapper creates history.

If a rapper is really talented, then their music can remain etched in the memories and hearts of their fans forever.

This is why you should not aim at being just a rapper but a good and successful one.

But, what makes a good rapper?

Well, there are many qualities that contribute to make one a successful rapper, and we shall learn about them right away.

You Need To Do Your Homework

Every rapper who is successful today had to start from scratch. During the initial days, they knew the importance of doing their homework.

They took notes from the popular rappers and put in effort into understanding what makes them special.

Many a time, one particular line in a song attracts you towards it. But did you ever think what makes that line so special?

If not, start doing that right from now, just the way your favorite rap artist also did.

You cannot perfect anything, not until you understand it very well. You also have to understand rap history, even though things have changed a lot now.

You Must Practice And Practice More

Now that we are discussing what makes a good rapper, practice deserves a special position.

Every popular rap artist had to practice a lot, and thus they are where they are today.

When you start writing initially, you may get frustrated many a time. This is because your rhymes do not sound anywhere close to your favorite rapper.

Well, this is very normal and something that your favorite rapper, too, had experienced in their early days.

So, you need to be very patient and keep on practicing, keep on writing, and you will become better and better.

Gradually, you will start writing the way any popular artist does, but remember that it takes a lot of practice.

Good Songwriting is Appreciated Always

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Yes, this indeed plays an important role in the rapping industry as well. In fact, it is a good songwriting that separates a great rapper from an average one.

This is what separates those rappers who just get appreciated for their stage performance from those that etch their place in the hearts of people.

Rapping is no more limited to small shows here and there. It is a huge industry, and you get to see it on TV, radio, and then, of course, there are big stadium performances.

If you want to really make it big, then focus on writing good songs.

Tell a Story

Since you are interested in learning what makes a good rapper, yet another quality that you need to be aware of and develop is to tell a story.

There hardly are rappers who know how to perfectly combine rapping with storytelling.

But those who do, have their names engrained in history.

So, if you want to be a successful rapper, you need to narrate gripping stories and paint beautiful pictures in the minds of your audience through your rhymes.

This may take a while for you to develop, but once you do, success is yours, and so is an ever-growing fandom.

Use Significant Lyrics

Any great rap artist should use lyrics that have such great significance that will be remembered forever.

You can just select any random words, place them in verse, and perform.

Though this may attract some initial attention, your work will soon be forgotten.

If you desire to be always remembered, then select an issue that you are passionate about. Then, use your voice to let others know about the issue.

People will love you more than you can imagine.

The Right Delivery Is Crucial

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Delivery plays an important role in keeping the audience entertained.

If you know how to time your words in a way that creates suspense, then your listeners will be compelled to pay close attention.

Delivery in the rap world is quite like comic timing. If the comic timing is correct, the jokes turn out funnier.

However, if the artist takes too small a comedic pause or even too long, then it does not create the right impact.

Similarly, while rapping, if your delivery is correct, it creates suspense, else people may or may not listen with as much interest.

Originality is Highly Respected

It is not easy to make your presence felt in the rap world because every second person now desires to become a rapper.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, then you have to be different and original.

It is the originality that will get you noticed in the industry where most are trying to replicate others.

You need not be afraid, even if you feel your idea is somewhat strange. If you perform it with confidence, people are going to love it for sure.

Variety is what anyway every industry demands. And, if you can be different, chances are bright you will be loved as well.

The hip hop industry anyway requires new and original talent so that this genre can grow and thrive.

So, do not let your originality scare you. Those who dare to be original and different always make it big.

And this includes your favorite rap artist, does it not?

Work on Your Personality

You have written the best verses, they flow properly, and you have the right music. You have also practiced a lot alone and in front of a few friends. And, they completely loved everything you did.

All seems good, but, you are somewhat intimidated, or do not feel that comfortable in front of a huge crowd.

This will prove to be the biggest hurdle in your career. Personality is the pride of any rap artist.

And, if you already do not have one that is attractive enough, you have to work on it.

Your personality should be such that you can easily sweep anyone off their feet. You need to have that ‘I do not care’ kind of attitude.

This is not really difficult to develop. Hone your egoistic nature. All of us have one, and it is time to realize and display it.

You Cannot Succeed Without A Good Stage Presence

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A good rap artist is one who has the fullest control over the crowd. If you stand in one place clutching the microphone awkwardly, then no one will be interested in seeing you perform.

Some people have this natural talent of speaking confidently in front of huge crowds, but if you are not one among them, you have to develop this skill.

You must have a great stage presence if you want to be a successful rapper.

It is essential that you interact with the crowd so that they feel they are a part of your show.

If you have an amazing stage presence, people will be waiting for your next show, and your shows will always be houseful.

Wear Your Attitude

Hip Hop is an extremely egoistic genre. It is essential for the artist to have his/her own swag.

This does not mean you have to have the swag like the trendiest rapper in town, but you must have an attitude.

Do whatever you do with confidence, as that is what true swag is. Just be yourself, and do not hesitate to show the world the real you.

Introspection Is Very Important

It is absolutely necessary for the rappers to develop a personal level connection with their audience.

To make this possible, the rap artist, at times, has to be vulnerable and dive right into their soul.

This is not a very simple job because the rappers are expected to have a tough attitude.

However, the fact yet cannot be denied that introspection is important.

And, if you do it the right way, people will able to connect to you beautifully, and before long, they will turn into your fans.

Now, you need to decide are you happy with just those 10 – 15 minutes in the stage, or you want to leave your mark in this Hip Hop industry forever.


So, now that you have learned what makes a good rapper, you can start working on yourself.

Do not push yourself too much, either. It may take a short while for you to develop the right personality and swag but keep working on it until you are completely satisfied.

Once you have the right influential verses, and you have honed your performance skills, you are ready to perform in front of the crowd.

Do not forget to wear your confidence as that is the second skin of every rapper.

Remember, if your first performance did not win much appreciation do not loose heart.

Even the most popular Hip-Hop artist today had to go through initial failures.

Figure out where did you go wrong, work on it even harder, and the next time you surely will rock it.

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