Washburn Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Top 6

If you know anything about guitars, you have likely heard of brands like Gibson and Fender. But, are there any other alternatives to these two top guitar makers?

In this post, we’ll be talking about Washburn guitars. Washburn guitars are an alternative brand you can buy from. They make quality guitars and have been around for over a hundred years.

Washburn is not as well known, but you can get a lot of value out of their instruments. They have a variety of guitars you can choose from and they come in all kinds of styles and colors.

So, keep reading if you want to find out which of their guitars will be a good fit for you! I will discuss the qualities of each of these instruments in our Washburn acoustic guitar reviews.

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When you are buying an acoustic guitar from Washburn, there are many options you can go with.

In this part of the review, I will talk about six of the top Washburn acoustic guitars.

I’ll get into the details of each Washburn product in this Washburn acoustic guitar reviews. So, you can buy the right guitar for yourself!

Washburn Rover 6 String

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The Washburn Rover is not your typical acoustic guitar. This lightweight instrument is designed to be taken on the go. It has a narrow body and a long neck that makes it perfect for travel!

It looks a little bit like a banjo, but it has the full six strings of an acoustic guitar. The design is simply compressed down into a smaller build.

Especially if you don’t want to bring a huge acoustic guitar with you, this could be a better option. The Washburn comes in four different colors.

You can choose from red, black, traditional, and blue. This guitar is good for musicians of any skill level. And, you can play the Rover in multiple styles such as fingerpicking and with a pick.

In addition, the Rover comes with a nice case that makes it easy to carry around and move around. Overall, this is a great guitar to have on the side.

This won’t be your main acoustic guitar, but it is made well and sounds great!

  • Great for traveling and outdoor use
  • Small and lightweight guitar
  • Comes in several different color options
  • Made out of high-quality Mahogany
  • Comes with a case
  • Not a full-sized acoustic guitar
  • The style and look of this guitar might not be for everyone

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Washburn Festival EA20

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The Washburn festival is a normal-sized acoustic guitar made from maple wood. This Washburn guitar is well priced and is a sturdy instrument that works well for beginners and advanced players.

The Festival Series is one of the most popular lines of acoustic guitars the Washburn company makes. This guitar is fully loaded, it has a great glossy finish and it has an electric pickup.

You can plug this acoustic guitar into your amp or play this traditionally. It has plenty of controls on the side of the guitar. So, you can switch it from deeper to higher tones easily.

The Washburn does not have other color options or size options, though. And you won’t get a case with this guitar, which could be a downside.

Additionally, this is a fairly large guitar. So, if you want something smaller or more lightweight, this might not be the guitar for you. On the whole, though, this particular Washburn guitar looks great and has great sound quality.

  • Good size and perfect for performances
  • Great price for this acoustic guitar
  • Good sound quality and easy controllability
  • Can be plugged into an amp
  • No color options only one size and color
  • Very large guitar that might not be suited to all players

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Washburn Vintage R314KK

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The Washburn Vintage is a more traditional type of guitar. It was designed and made to look like older models of guitars. The wood is lighter and made to look more worn. This way it has a vintage look to its body.

Really, this is one of the highest quality traditional guitars you can get from Washburn. The price might be a little steep for some people. But if you want a good acoustic guitar this is one option to go with.

Unfortunately, there is no electric pickup on this guitar. So, you can’t plug this into an amp to make the sound louder.

Still, the sound quality on this acoustic guitar is top-notch and worth the price. If you want a guitar that will last you for years and years, this is it. It also comes with a very sturdy hard case. This will help protect the guitar from damage if it is moved around.

The Washburn Vintage might not be for all guitar players, though. Especially if you are new to guitars, you might want to start out with something that is cheaper or more accessible.

This is a good guitar for fingerstyle playing, though. And if you like a classic and vintage look this is a great guitar. However, if you want a less stylized guitar I recommend going with the Festival series instead.

  • Very stylish and nice-looking guitar
  • Has great sound and acoustics
  • This Washburn guitar comes with a case
  • Sturdy guitar that will last for years to come
  • A little more pricy than other
  • You cannot plug this guitar into an amp

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Washburn Festival EA15

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This next Washburn is another Festival series guitar. The Festival Cutaway is a cheaper option in comparison to the Vintage guitar we just talked about.

In fact, I would highly recommend this model for new guitar players that are just getting into guitar playing. Part of this has to do with the price, but, the quality of this instrument is high, as well. It is well suited for any type of guitar player though!

Don’t be afraid to get this guitar if you are a long-time guitar player on a budget.

The good thing about the Festival Cutaway is that it is made from maple and has a nice hard finish over the top. This makes this guitar highly sturdy and durable while playing it and moving it around. Still, this is a pretty basic guitar.

You won’t be able to plug it into an amp like more expensive versions of this guitar. And, there is no case that comes with the Festival Cutaway.

So, you definitely want to keep this in mind as you think about purchasing from this particular acoustic series.

The sound quality does make up for the lack of a case and electronic capabilities. And the look of this guitar is quite nice. It has a nice red and brown tone.

The size of this guitar is good too! It’s big but it’s not so big that it will be hard to lift or move around. It’s a pretty standard size guitar overall and it offers plenty of value!

  • Good price for this particular Festival
  • High-quality instrument perfect for beginners
  • Very sturdy guitar, won’t break easily
  • Nice coloring and design for this guitar
  • There is no option to plug this into an amp
  • Only one color option for this guitar
  • No case comes with this guitar

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Washburn C40 Classical

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The Washburn Classical guitar is perfect for traditional guitar players. If you are looking for a fingerstyle guitar or a guitar that is simple but functional, this is the option to go with.

The Washburn Classical is as basic as a guitar as you can get from Washburn. This is an even cheaper option than the Festival Cutaway.

But if you want something that can be played well and doesn’t cost a ton this is the perfect instrument.

This Classical guitar is made from spruce wood and has some rosewood throughout the neck. It is another sturdy and well-made guitar from Washburn.

So you don’t have to worry about this acoustic guitar breaking on you or splintering over the years. Again, Washburn makes some very high-quality instruments that last for years. The Classical is no exception to this.

You won’t get a case with this instrument, and you won’t get any other color options either. But overall this guitar works well, looks nice, and has the sound quality you need to play acoustic guitar the way you want to.

With these particular qualities, this is a good beginner’s guitar. But pros can use this guitar, as well, with little trouble.

  • Very high-quality instrument for a cheap price
  • This guitar is made from many great sturdy materials
  • Great guitar for new players
  • Nice sound quality that enhances your playing
  • No case comes with this guitar
  • You can’t plug this into an amp
  • No different size or color options, and has a very basic design

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Washburn WP55NS

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The last Washburn guitar I will talk about in this post is the Washburn Parlor guitar. The Parlor guitar is on the pricer side in comparison to the other guitars I have talked about.

But, this acoustic guitar is well worth the price. It is made entirely with Mahogany and Koa Wood and has a rich dark color.

Pro guitarists will love this guitar and its sound quality. But, if you want to invest some extra money in a guitar as a beginner this is a great instrument.

The Parlor guitar cannot be plugged into an amp, though. This is one of the few downsides of this guitar. Really, though, this is an ideal instrument for fingerstyle playing.

Also, if you like to play an acoustic guitar you won’t be disappointed with the sound quality. This instrument has great resonance and plays loud. The design of the Parlor is also simple but elegant.

You really can’t go wrong with this particular Washburn guitar!

  • This guitar looks beautiful and plays well
  • The sound quality is some of the best of any acoustic guitar
  • Nice medium-sized guitar
  • Well-built product made out of hardwoods
  • This guitar is a little bit expensive
  • It cannot be plugged into an amp

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Should You Buy From Washburn?

When you are buying a guitar, you want to get an instrument from a quality company. This is important regardless of your skill level.

You don’t want to buy a cheap guitar that will break down. In short, you want something that will last and sound good. Washburn guitars deliver on these standards. They sound great and are made from high-quality wood.

Washburn was initially founded over 120 years ago in the United States. They made all kinds of instruments in the past and made them for a good price.

Washburn still makes quality instruments today and these guitars are used by people of all playing levels. Considering this, we definitely think that Washburn is a brand worth investing in!

Who Should Buy These Guitars?

Many people think that instruments from Fender, Gibson, and other big-name brands are the only ones worth buying from.

However, this is just not the case. If the quality of the guitar is good any brand can be used by a guitar player. Still, plenty of famous guitarists have used Washburns acoustic guitars. So, if you are a more advanced player you can find a product that is worth your time.

Really, though, Washburn caters to all types of guitar players. From beginners to veteran guitarists, anyone can find a good guitar from this brand. Best of all Washburn has a lot of really affordable options for musicians.

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On the whole, if you want a quality acoustic guitar, we recommend getting one of the Washburns guitars. I talked about some of the best acoustic guitars from their collection with my Washburn acoustic guitar reviews.

There are a ton of different products to choose from, but the ones on this list are some of the best. I also reviewed them in detail so you can know everything about the specs of these instruments. It can be hard finding a great acoustic guitar at a good price.

But with my post, you can find the most suitable Washburn acoustic guitar for yourself!

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