8 Best Studio Monitor Stands

One of the essential equipment that should not miss in any studio is a unique and quality studio monitor stands. It is, for this reason, this post feature highlights to show you the best studio monitor stands worth checking out.

Studio monitor stands come in different designs, styles, and quality, and you must look for the best appliances that will guarantee you the best services once installed.

The studio monitor stand is vital in the quality of the set-up as it is pivotal in improving the studio monitor performance, which, in essence, enhances the sound quality produced.

In as much as your budget is a determinant factor in the type of studio monitor stand that you will select, you must be well informed on the available existing options.

You must pick an appliance that will offer you excellent services and with assured longevity of the product.

Below is a highlight of the best studio monitor stands worth checking out, although, arranged in no particular order.

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8 Best Monitor Stands


  Product Name Feature Price

VideoSecu 2

  • 3.9/5 Stars

  • Support weight up to 30 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 26.5″ – 47″ 
  • Adjustable width: 5.5″ – 11″ 

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Ultimate Support MS100-B

  • 4.5/5 Stars

  • Sonic isolation & decoupling
  • Adjustable angles & axis
  • Ultimate Support Design

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On-Stage SMS6000

  • 4.5/5 Stars

  • 9 1/2″ Square platform 
  • 1 mm thick non-slip pad
  • Adjustable height: 36 1/2″ – 54″

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Perlesmith PSSS1

  • 4.3/5 Stars

  • Adjustable height: 30″ – 45″
  • Support weight up to 8 lbs
  • three mounting configuration

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Mountain Dream Stand

  • 4.1/5 Stars

  • 9.8 x 9.8″ Wide base
  • Support weight up to 11 lbs
  • Height 32.4″

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Ultimate Support Ms-90

  • 4,3/5 Stars

  • Sonic isolation & decoupling
  • Available in two heights
  • Ultimate Support Design

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Rockville RVSM1

  • 3.9/5 Stars

  • Adjustable height: 33″ – 45″
  • Support weight up to 80 lbs
  • Triple enforced steel base

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Ultimate Support JSMS70

  • 3.7/5 Stars

  • Adjustable height
  • Locking pin ensures stability
  • Low profile base

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VideoSecu 2

[amazon box=”B000VRREPG”]

The VideoSecu 2 comes with an improved look and features that make it quite a bargain studio monitor stand. The lovely monitor stand comes fitted with adjustable monitor stand, and incredible floor stand conveniently suited for your rear or front surround sound speakers WIV that improves your studio experience.

The upgraded version of the studio monitor stand is among the best studio monitor stand this year.

This feature of the VideoSecu 2 studio monitor stand allows you to conveniently and quickly adjust the height according to your preference. The height adjustment ranges from 26.5 inches to 47 inches, allowing you to work efficiently without any strain.

The VideoSecu 2 studio monitor stand has a black finish steel support that guarantees you stability when it is in position. The support system can withstand an incredible weight of up to 30 lbs for either surround sound or stereo.

The studio monitor stand comes with an adjustable side clamp top plate able to move an incredible width from a paltry 5.5 inches to 11 inches.

The studio monitor stand comes with movable and adjustable top plat, allowing you to pan the top plate to 180 degrees and tilt it +/- 10 degrees.

Furthermore, it features an adjustable screw-in rubber that allows for easy installation, whether on the hard or carpeted floor. The system also features a concealed wire management system for safety and stability.

The only notable disadvantage of the VideoSecu 2 studio monitor stand is that it is designed only for smaller speakers, making it hard to attach larger studio monitors.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable swivel to setup your monitors in different angels
  • Adjustable side clamps for easy mounting of monitors or sound system
  • You can easily adjust the studio monitor stand height
  • Designed only for smaller studio monitors

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Ultimate Support MS-100B

[amazon box=”B005OWHATS”]

This studio monitor stand is designed for those that want to keep it simple at the same time stylish at the studio space.

The product is available in a sleek black color that perfectly matches any background in your studio.

The Ultimate Support MS-100B is easily adjustable, allowing you to quickly change the angle and axis of your monitors to your convenience.

The studio monitor stand allows for sonic isolation and decoupling, a feature that guarantees you enhanced monitor sound throughout.

The monitor stand comes in three practical and well-set channels designed for cable and weight management.

The studio monitor stand comes in an ultimate support design that allows for stability once installed.

The Ultimate Support MS-100B comes package conveniently and securely, which prevents any damage while on transit.

The cons of the Ultimate Support MS-100B studio monitor stand is that they are a little unstable because of the pads set to hold onto the position. A solid ground is preferred to allow for the proper stability of the studio monitor stand.

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Attractively designed that adds class and art to your studio space
  • Easy to adjust for you to fix your monitors conveniently
  • Well set steel channels that allow for stability once installed
  • Little unstable because of the pads (solid ground is preferred)

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On-Stage SMS6000

[amazon box=”B000CD3QYM”]

If you are looking to combine both class, art, and an enhanced quality sound in your studio space, then you won’t go wrong with the incredible On-Stage SMS6000.

The features of this lovely studio monitor stand make it quite a highlight, worth checking out.

The On-Stage SMS6000 features a nine and a half square inch platform with a 1-millimeter thick non-slip pad for stability once you put it in place.

The product has height adjustment features, allowing you to adjust between 36 inches to an incredible 54 inches. It also has a line-it-up pin-locking position every 4 inches, which is convenient for stability when installing the appliance.

The base of the studio monitor stand measures at 18 inches, which offers several application options when setting it up.

The product has three rubber feet suitable to dampen vibrations and allow for leveling on solid ground for stability once installed.

For carpeted surfaces, the appliance comes with three leveling spikes that allow for pinpoint contact with the surface, allowing for stability.

The cons of the On-Stage SMS60000 is the sharp bottom that might be a challenge when setting it up that might require you to cover them up to avoid injuries.

  • Stable and robust, suitable even for bulky monitors with a sturdy base
  • The stand is easy to assemble and install
  • Sleek design that adds class and art to your studio 
  • Sharp bottom

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Perlesmith PSSS1

[amazon box=”B07925B8PD”]

If you have been looking for a studio monitor stand that will create a fashion statement by standing out, then the Perlesmith PSSS1 is the ultimate choice.

Every little detail of this fantastic piece of art screams perfection, and it will bring to life your studio space with an enhanced sound quality that nothing else can match.

The Perlesmith PSSS1 studio monitor stand comes endowed with an adjustable height feature for customized installation.

The stand features an extendable tube that you can adjust from 30 inches to 45 inches, allowing you to get your desired height for your surround sound or stereo.

The base of the studio monitor stand is designed for stability after setting it up. The bottom comes in a triangular shape constructed from heavy cast iron and can support speakers weighing up to 8 lbs.

If your surface has a carpet covering, ensure you attach the provided nails and nuts for the ultimate stability.

The other solid surfaces will require you to attach rubber pads on the base of the stand to make it sturdy and firm.

This beauty comes with the latest cable management system, which features a concealed wire path. The tubes come in an upgraded version with a full diameter and come in three pieces for easy passage of cables.

The studio monitor stand has three distinct mounting configurations that feature the L-shaped, Top plate, and keyhole options, all designed to fit different types of speakers.

The Perlesmith PSSS1 satellite speaker stand comes with the latest hardware that is easy to install and is easy to move around your studio space.

The shortcoming of this studio monitor stand is that it is limited on a maximum load of 8 lbs., only fitted for small speakers.

  • Easy to setup with a straightforward guide on how to install
  • Adjustable height for customized monitor installation
  • Well built with a sleek, artistic finishing
  •  Sturdy base allows for stability
  • Maximum load of only 8 ibs

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Video: “PSSS1 Adjustable Height Speaker Floor Stands – PERLESMITH”

Mountain Dream Speaker Stand

[amazon box=”B07D14BNV5″]

This studio monitor stand is designed to impress and enhance sound quality, especially for satellite and small bookshelf speakers. It comes in a set of two that is convenient for a variety of speakers for the ultimate sound quality that will get you in the mood any day at any time.

Although the design of the Mounting Dream Speaker Stand is simple, it is practical in every sense of the way, an upgraded version with all the essential features available.

The simple, sleek design is enshrined in a heavy, sturdy material that is capable of holding up to 11lbs of speakers, remarkably stable in comparison to similar studio monitor stands.

The studio monitor stand also comes designed for compatibility with a variety of satellite surround loudspeakers for the ultimate studio sound experience.

You can comfortably adjust the studio monitor stand to your preferred height, with the optimal height being 32.4 inches. For better leveling, adjust the feet to get excellent results from this lovely studio monitor stand.

The base of the studio monitor stand is wide enough to allow for ultimate stability once installed. The base measures 9.8 inches by 9.8 inches, and you can adjust the foot for balancing and proper balance.

The design of the studio monitor stand allows you to create a clean and organized look with the speakers elaborately displayed while at the same time concealing the wires.

Ensure you check the speaker hole’s location before buying the studio monitor stand as they come with multiple attachments designed for different types of speakers.

One of the disadvantages of this studio monitor stand is that it has square support, a challenge, especially for those with limited studio space.

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Concealed wires allows for organization of your studio space
  • Sturdy base provides for stability once you install your speakers
  • Adjustable height of up to 32.4 inches
  • Square support takes up to much space

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Video: “How to mount Mounting Dream speaker stands MD5402-2 for Universal Satellite Speakers with set of 2”

Ultimate Support MS-90

[amazon box=”B005UUAOLA”]

There are numerous studios monitor stands available, but the simple yet majestic Ultimate Support MS-90 will catch your attention. The gorgeous piece stands out from a crowd, and you are bound to be attracted to its unique and smart, professional look.

The Ultimate Support MS-90 will bring alive your studio space, as it breaks the norm of dull, uninspiring, and usually, unimpressive studio monitor stands.

The designers of this studio monitor stand considered everything to assemble this marvelous piece of art.

The stand comes in three channels that are suitable for cable and weight management, making it convenient to use the studio monitor stand.

The ultimate support design practically included in the studio monitor stand makes it sturdy and robust for the set up of speakers in your studio space.

The studio monitor stand is available in two stands, making you able to choose and install your speakers to the preferred height for the ultimate sound effect.

The Ultimate Support MS-90 comes with non-marring decoupling pads and sonic isolation for the perfect studio experience.

The only disadvantage of the Ultimate Support MS-90 is its limit of adjustment heights to only two, as compared to many other studio monitor stands that come with variable heights adjustments.

  • Available in two different heights for customized installation
  • Ballast chamber to enhance stability once filled and setup
  • Stable and sturdy base for safety and convenience
  • Easy to install and mount your monitors
  • Adjustable height limited to only two sizes 

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Rockville RVSM1

[amazon box=”B0063M0EKA”]

The studio monitor stand come in different designs and styles, and nothing gets better than the amazing Rockville RVSM1. The beautiful piece ranks among the top highlights, encompassing every feature and detail of a stunning and standout studio monitor stand.

The Rockville RVSM1 ensures that you experience the very best experience with enhanced sound quality that will get you going.

The studio monitor stand comes in a set of two, giving you an option for setting up your sound system.

The studio monitor stand comes with an adjustable height feature, with a nylon clutch available for easy customized installation. The adjustable height ranges from between 33 inches and 45 inches.

The fantastic studio monitor stand is sturdy and stable, with a triple enforced steel base, making it secure and safe to install.

The stability of the stand is enhanced from the broad base, triple imposed steel that measures 17.7 inches by 17.7 inches by 17.7 inches.

The strength of the stand allows it to carry a maximum load weight of up to 80 lbs. The tube diameter is between 1.37 inches to 1.5 inches.

  • A beautiful finishing that is attractive to enhance your studio outlook
  • Adjustable height feature that allow you to customize your preferred height for quality sound
  • A sturdy base for stability that allows for the ability to carry a maximum weight of 80 Ibs
  • Base can take up to much studio space

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Video: “How to Assemble the Rockville RVSM1 Studio Monitor Stands TUTORIAL”

Ultimate Support JS-MS70

[amazon box=”B005JTV358″]

If you are looking to bring out the best of your studio space and make great use of the available space, then the Ultimate Support JSMS70 is a perfect choice.

The Ultimate Support series product has released some of the classiest and trendiest studio monitor stands, among many other appliances.

The Ultimate Support JSMS70 studio monitor stand comes with upgraded features that will enhance your studio sound quality.

The fantastic studio monitor stand comes endowed with adjustable height features with an additional lock-pin that guarantees you stable and accurate height positions.

You can comfortably adjust the stand between 32.25 inches and 44.25 inches. The studio monitor stand has installed leveling floor spikes with sturdy rubber feet that allow for stability once you set it up.

The stand is strong enough to hold a maximum weight of about 8.4lbs. If you are worried about tight spaces, then the low-profile base that is ideal for such areas.

The cons of this studio monitor stand are the threaded holes that are not secure enough when screwing, a challenge that affects its stability.

  • Height adjustability feature that allows for a customized and enhance sound quality
  • Sturdy frame that can carry a maximum load capacity of  8.4 Ibs
  • Easy and quick to install 
  • Threaded holes are not secured enough, which affects its stability

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Video: “JamStands JS MS70 – Series Studio Monitor Stands – review”

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We presented you some incredible studio monitor stands with various designs and styles for you to pick from according to your taste, preferences, and budget.

We have brought you a highlight of some of the top studio monitor stands, allowing you to settle on your preferred choice.

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