3 Best USB Cables For Audio Interface

By now, when we talk of USB cables, at least most of us are aware of what it all means, a Universal Serial Bus. For those who may have used smartphones, music systems, and computers, the picture is even more precise. These are special connecting cables that transfer both data and electric ...

6 Best USB Microphones For Violin in 2023

Playing the violin is one of the highest forms of pleasure. When you opt for it, you need everything to be perfect. It is an art to learn to play instruments, and when people learn it, they cannot resist showcasing their talent to people. If you have made your way to play the violin like a ...

5 Best Dynamic Mics Under $100 in 2023

Dynamic mics are considered best for several reasons. They are best at reducing the background noises and capturing sound merely from the front with all the details. Also, they are made of high-quality and are indestructible. Dynamic mics are best known for surviving harsh and aggressive ...

5 Best Mics For Bass Vocals in 2023

There are a few mics for bass vocals, but not all are up to the mark. To help you with the same, I will highlight the best mic for bass vocals. Once you go through my list below and the buying guide, choosing such a mic becomes easy. Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer ...

5 Best USB Hubs For MIDI Controllers in 2023

It is not uncommon for musicians and music producers to run out of USB space on their laptops and computers. And when you have MIDI controllers and want to plug them in, this can happen, as well. This is why USB hubs are essential. If you need more room to hook up your instruments and ...

5 Best Mics for Baritone Vocals in 2023

Selecting the right microphone, according to your specialization, is really important. Even if you have made all the efforts to get the best results, a bad microphone will ruin your efforts. Microphones are usually really expensive. What's the point of spending so much on the mic that does ...

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