How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners

Rap songs are immensely popular these days. After all, the lyrics are so simple, and the beats so catchy.

Whenever you hear rap music, you perhaps desire to create your own and feel it is very, very simple. But, it is when you try to write the lyrics, you get all confused. This, however, does not mean rap songs are difficult to write.

In fact, they can be quite easy if you know the right way to do things. Once you learn the process, you will be ready to write the most upbeat rap songs that will drive a crowd crazy.

Obviously, you now must be keen on learning how to write a rap song for beginners. So, let us get to discover the same without any delay.

Given below is a step-by-step guide, which surely is going to prove to be immensely helpful.

Start By Selecting Your Beat


To write a rap song, you need a beat. And, if you cannot vibe with this beat, then be sure, your rap music is going to turn out to be a big failure.

You must feel the music you select. It must inspire you to write the best lyrics possible for your rap song. Else, you will simply be writing something that is uninspired, has weak lyrics, and is plain simple bland.

You yourself will not be satisfied with it, forget about sharing it with someone else.

So, the first and the most important thing you need to do is to select a beat that you love. A beat that can drive you crazy as an audience.

Begin By Writing The Chorus

It is immensely important to first write your rap song chorus. And, after you have successfully written the chorus, writing the remaining song is going to be super easy for you.

The chorus anyway is the most crucial part of a rap song and thus deserves attention first. It is the chorus that will want others to listen to your entire song over and over again.

Just recall your favorite rap songs, and think why you like most of them. Your answer, most certainly, will be their chorus.

This is exactly why you have to master yourself in writing choruses. Try to learn what kind of lyrics people like hearing in choruses. Figure out, what type of chorus will attract a listener and turn them into your fan.

Even if it takes you days and weeks to figure out the right chorus, invest your time. Later, it is going to prove to be more than worth it.

Find The Right Flow Pattern Or Verse Melodies

Now that you have understood how to write the best chorus and have your lyrics ready, you simply have to formulate verses that will carry your song.

The person who will listen to your song needs to vibe well until they get to hear your next chorus. So, what you now need to do is create amazing flows or melodies that will carry your listener gently to each chorus in a super entertaining manner.

You have to keep on searching until you are able to find those patterns and lyrics that help make it perfect. Be ready to work really, really hard here.

Many a time, you may need to write and then rewrite. You will have to keep doing this repeatedly until things are perfect.

To write nice, entertaining verses, you can follow a combination of creative lyrics and melodies, different flow patterns and flow speeds, and so on. All this basically depends on the type of song you are trying to create.

Music is art, so you have to be creative. But while doing so, give priority to the entertainment of your listeners. After all, that is why you are creating your rap music in the first place.

You can freestyle to the beat to find natural flows, or you may write the lyrics first and then let your lyrics flow to your selected beat. Also, you may go for a combination of both these ideas. In fact, a combination will prove to be a better choice when you are trying to create your rap song.

Keep the Topic of Your Song in Mind While Writing Lyrics

Since you are learning how to write a rap song for beginners, it is important for you to understand the importance of a theme.

If you plan to create a heavy trap non-topic music for your song, then it is different. Else, a theme and your thought behind it plays a very important role. This is what will help your listeners understand your song, feel it, and develop a connection with it.

Any random song that is entertaining but cannot help you connect with your audience might gain you a few initial fans. But, an emotional song, that your listener understands and gets attached to will remain in their memories forever. Also, they will be interested in your future works as well.

If you plan to write an emotional rap song, then do not concentrate on writing just any rhyming lyrics. It is important for you to stick to your topic well.

However, if you are simply writing an entertaining song, and it does not have any meaning, then things will be different. This rap song will be more fun to listen, and thus you simply may jump around saying anything that the young generation will love.

There are many rap songs that have no connection between lines and the lyrics. But, they are fun to listen to, and the melody too is attractive. This is why people start singing along, and the song becomes popular.

Give Your Bars A Flow

Video: “Your RAP FLOW Improved In Under Ten Minutes “

If your bars have to fit in many, many syllables, then you must learn the right way to transition between your bars so that things make proper sense.

You just cannot add lines here and there even if they do not fit. This will only make it sound weird to the audience.

Remember to figure out where you can naturally place breathes in your flows. This will help make the flows sound natural, less rushed, and partly freestyle. Even the listeners will be able to understand your lyrics easily and enjoy them.

If you want to share too many amazing punch lines and thus add too many syllables, you may later regret. Your song will likely lose its natural flow and vibe and will be very unpleasant to hear.

It will be a good idea to just write down each line of your lyrics and then decide where you can take a natural breath. If you cannot flow your verse in 1 take with no mistakes at all, then something is wrong and needs to be rectified.

In this guide of how to write a rap song for beginners, it is important for you to understand that you cannot keep on adding lyrics into your bars just because you desire to have more nice lines. The flow of your song will then get affected, and your audience will not enjoy it.

You may have even observed that the songs of every well-known rapper have many filler bars. This is to maintain a proper flow in the song. If you too want the lyrics of your song to flow nicely then after 4 bars, make sure to use rhyme words. This will offer a good transition to your next bar.

Modification Of Verses Are Important

We are learning how to write a rap song for beginners, and since you are a beginner, it will be a good idea to write and rewrite, or so to say modify your verses, at least a few times. There are many reasons why you need to do so, including –

  • Whenever you modify/rewrite your verse, you will only change it with even better lyrics.
  • You are putting in extra efforts to make your song sound better, and your audience will be able to sense that in your performance.
  • When you rewrite, you are able to see those errors which you could not when you wrote the original version.
  • Modifying also gives you the chance to hear your original idea again and again. You thus will be offering yourself a second opinion rather than releasing your initial draft that may not be that good.
  • Usually, the more the time you invest in something, the better are the results.

If you rewrite after a few days or weeks of originally composing your song, you will be able to see it from a completely different and fresh mindset. The changes that you then make will prove to be very beneficial.

So, keep on modifying your verses until it is completely perfect and you are in love with it. You will not always get perfect rhymes on your first attempt, and that is completely normal.

But, there can also be times when you do get it completely perfect on the first try itself. The chorus is excellent, melodies are amazing, flow is astounding, the energy is superb, and everything binds together in the right manner.

You need to be able to identify if it is good after the first attempt itself or it needs a rewrite. Do not worry, as this is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you begin writing, you will be able to identify things with ease.

Record Your Verses In The First Take

Now that you have fully written your rap song, you need to begin recording it.

It will be best if you can record all your verses in the first take itself. Your song will then sound more natural. Your breaths will be in the right place, and your flow and tone will perfectly match throughout the entire verse.

The choruses will need background layers and many takes. And that is required, and perfectly fine.

After you have finished recording, you can release your song on your site along with the lyrics. This makes it easier for your listeners to identify what exactly you are saying. They will begin rapping along with you even before they realize.


Raps are more popular than any other types of songs today. The fast pace, the upbeat music, and the fun lyrics are absolutely loved by the young generation. This is why rap shows always go houseful.

If you have always dreamt of driving a crowd crazy with your rapping talent, now is the time to get started. Since you have already learned how to write a rap song for beginners, things are going to be even easier for you now.

But, just like in any other case, your efforts count here too. If you really are interested in enticing people with you rap music, then you have to work very hard. Take as much time as is needed in deciding the right theme and then selecting the right words.

When you have the right music and the right words, and you combine it with the right attitude, you just will not go wrong. The listeners will go crazy, and your song will become a hit.

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