4 Easy Ways To Memorize Rap Lyrics Fast

Rap, without a doubt, is the most popular and loved music genre today. This form of music is straight from one’s heart, and it allows people to express without any boundaries.

The lyrics in rap music are different, and they have to be recited much faster. Forget the fast pace, people even find it difficult to remember their own written rap lyrics.

The lyrics of rap songs are very catchy and can easily attract and hold the attention of people. But, all this is only possible if you remember the lyrics in the first place. This is why every budding rapper is keen on knowing how to memorize rap lyrics.

Well, things are not as difficult as you think. Memorizing rap lyrics will be a lot easier if you follow a few important tips. So, without a wait, let us discover these tips and start our rapping journey.

Repetition Is The Key To Learn Faster

During your school days, you had to sing some hymns and other songs. But, did you have to forcefully remember the lyrics?

Probably not, because you had to recite them every day with your classmates and teacher. The lyrics thus got naturally embedded in your memory, and you would effortlessly sing them.

You need to do the same thing even today. No, you do not need your classmates or teachers, but you have to repeat the lyrics over and over. Not only do you need to keep repeating them in your head, but sing it out loud.

Sing or recite your lyrics many, many times throughout the day. Do take breaks in between as that allows you memory the chance to refresh itself.

Remember, to be organized as well. Instead of trying to memorize your entire rap song at a go, practice it in parts. First, recite the first few lines, and once you feel you remember them well, you can move ahead to the next few lines. Keep practicing this until you have memorized the full song.

One more thing to remember is that you need not start reciting at a quick speed right from the beginning. We first are learning how to memorize rap lyrics. And, once we are thoroughly successful, we can increase the speed.

Allow Your Lyrics To Soak In By Getting Some Rest

Yes, you need to work really hard and be very determined if you want to enjoy good results. This will prove to be very helpful in memorizing. But, never make the mistake of staying awake the whole night and keep memorizing the lyrics.

Getting proper sleep is immensely important. This will offer your body the rest that it needs. And, at the same time, the lyrics that you have been memorizing throughout the day will remain in your head, rather than going through it.

Many, many studies have proved that your memories gel new information in a much better way when it gets enough, restful sleep. So, after you have practiced reciting the lyrics many a time, sleep on them.

This will keep the newly formed memories protected, and they will not get affected by the other activities that you would have participated in if you were awake.

After singing your lyrics the whole day, sleep on time, and next morning test how much of the lyrics you have actually managed to memorize. Do so before you check your written lyrics yet again.

Sleep deprivation, anyway, leads to forgetfulness. So, if you want the lyrics to be there in your head, get enough sleep.

Record Your Rap Lyrics And Play Them

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Yet another simple yet effective way to memorize your rap lyrics will be to record it once you are familiar with the words.

Now, you can keep playing the recorded song again and again. And, each time you do so, make it a habit to rap along.

This will help you not only learn and remember the lyrics, but you will even begin performing in the very way you want to in front of a crowd.

Use The Word Association Method

One more strategy that can really help you remember your rap lyrics very well is to follow the word association method. This may seem to be a very difficult task, but in reality, it is quite simple.

All it requires you to do is to connect or associate the first word (or as many as you want) in your rap lyric with some specific feeling, event, location, or person.

For example, with the word ‘mango’ the first thing that will come to your mind is a delicious yellow fruit. Your brain will associate that particular term with something definitive.

When you first begin to rap, make sure you use very simple words. Now, select something that you can recall easily, and that will make it easy for you to remember your rap lyrics. Write down your chosen words and connect them to your lyrics.

After having done so, you can start rapping throughout the day. And when you do so, keep looking at what you wrote, and this will help you remember your lyrics well.

Remember, you need to work continually to develop an association between the two different pieces of information.


Some people can memorize lyrics very fast, but some find it difficult to do so. But now that you know how to memorize rap lyrics, things are going to be a lot easier.

If you are rapping for the first time, then make sure not only the words should be easy, but the entire rap song should also be small. This is to build confidence in you. Once you can successfully memorize a small rap song, you can go ahead and try something complicated.

One more thing you need to remember is that rapping is not only about the lyrics. Together with remembering them, you need to sing them with the right attitude.

You must be confident and have your own unique style, and only then will you be able to stand out in the crowd. So, after you have memorized the lyrics properly, invest as much time as you can in developing a nice fun attitude.

Something that will mesmerize others into rapping along with you.

Juan Stansbury
Juan Stansbury

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