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How To Attach A Guitar Strap

As a guitar owner and player, one of the things that you must learn is how to attach a guitar strap so that you do not always have to seek professional help.

Usually, it is not a complicated procedure.

Make sure that you get the necessary materials before you get started. Some of the things that you will require are your instrument and a string.

Below, we have provided easy steps that you can follow when attaching your strap on your one or two strap pin guitar.

How To Attach a Strap On A One Strap Pin Guitar

Most guitars with a one strap pin are acoustic. The pin is located at the guitar’s lower bout heel. When you buy a strap for one strap pin guitars they usually come with a lace or a nylon threading that you can use.

However, if it is not provided, you can use an old shoelace which is 20-30 inches long.

The guitar strap is meant to move from the instrument’s back, over the shoulders to its nut.

This provides such guitars with a more extensive center of gravity; giving you more control of them since the possibility of pivoting sharply on one side is limited. Here are the steps to follow when attaching your strap:

  • Loop your lace or thread through the pinhole located on any end of the strap
  • Proceed to tie it around the guitar’s headstock (under the strings, and next to the nut) and make a firm knot
  • Then, thread the other end of the strap’s pinhole on your acoustic guitar’s one strap pin; usually located at the base

If you prefer two strap pins for your acoustic guitar, you can get a competent guitar technician to install the second one. Even so, you do not require it to use your guitar strap.

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How To Attach A Strap On Two Strap Pin Guitars

Two strap pins are mostly found on electric and bass guitars. As mentioned above, you may also equip your acoustic guitar with an additional strap pin. You will find one of them at the lower bout and the other one at the top horn.

The process is effortless. The following are the steps you ought to follow whenever you are doing it.

  • Take one end of the strap and put its pinhole over one pin
  • Over the second pin, place the pinhole of the other strap’s end

When attaching a strap on a two-strap pin guitar, any strap end can go to either pin of the guitar. Some instruments, however, are designed to look better if the strap’s adjustment end goes to the guitar’s lower bout pin.

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Choosing A Guitar Strap

A strap comes in handy when carrying a guitar, and it also makes it easier for you to play.

That is why you must ensure that yours is best for your needs. To do so, you can consider the following factors when choosing it for your electric, bass or acoustic guitar.


A guitar strap must be comfy for you to play well, especially during concerts. Therefore, you must ensure that the one you choose comes with the ideal measurements. The width and length of straps determine whether you can make specific movements; depending on your stature.

To enhance comfort, make sure that the straps of your guitars are at least one inch wide. Having one with a shoulder pad is better than having one without it. You may also test it at the store before paying for it.


Your strap should be solid enough to support the guitar’s weight on your shoulders. Hence, ensure that it is firm and quality before settling for it. This enables you to use it for a long time since it will not tear easily.


Before selecting a strap for your guitar, consider the material used to make it. Some of the commonly used materials are nylon and leather. The former is cold, light and inexpensive. It is suitable for those who are on a budget.

Leather straps are incredibly durable and stylish, but they are a bit costly. Various types of leather are used to make a guitar strap. These include grain leather, vintage leather, brown leather, buffalo leather as well as weather suede leather.


The color and design of your guitar strap create an impression, and it is all about your tastes. Ensure that you go for colors and designs that complement your style as well as that of your music. They should also match with the guitar’s look.

Do you know how to attach a guitar strap? If not, you can use the steps that I have provided in this article to do it; for one strap pin and two-strap pin guitars. It is also essential that you understand why you need a quality strap for your instrument.

Therefore, consider a guitar strap’s solidity, comfort and material. The colors and designs are also important. This way, you will be sure that your strap will last long even as you attach it.

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