DI Box Vs Preamp – What’s The Difference?

Since you are here, you must be looking for some tools to make overall sound better in your studio. If you are new to the music or recording industry, you might not know what a DI box and a preamp is. You don't have to worry anymore. Although both these are quite similar, there is a notable ...

5 Best Bass Headphone Amps In 2023

If you want to take your live performances to another level, you need to get the best bass headphone amp. Getting a good bass headphone amp will help you in improving your bass. You can practice your bass with headphones and can plug it in the phone as well. I understand that plugging in ...

Best Bass Amp For Recording – Top 5 Review

If you have ever been in a professional sound production setup or a live concert, you probably already know the importance of a bass amplifier. In case you don't know what it is, bass amplifiers are electronic devices for musical instruments. These machines amplify sounds to make them more ...

Washburn Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Top 6

If you know anything about guitars, you have likely heard of brands like Gibson and Fender. But, are there any other alternatives to these two top guitar makers? In this post, we'll be talking about Washburn guitars. Washburn guitars are an alternative brand you can buy from. They make quality ...

8 Best Electric Guitars For Fingerstyle

Finding the best electric guitar for fingerstyle requires patience, but most importantly, it requires an understanding of what you're looking for. For starters, if you don't know what fingerstyle is, this technique involves using your fingers instead of a pick. The overall sounds it creates is ...

Bass Amp Tube vs Solid State

If you are into the production of music, then you would probably know that the only process is not to sing or play an instrument. What else does it include? Well, a lot of technical stuff awaits you while creating music. From recording to amplifying, every step needs special, professional-grade ...

Can I Use Bass Amp For Guitar?

When I started playing music for fun, I wasn't ready to invest in a separate amplifier for my guitar just yet. But luckily, I already had one for my bass guitar. So, I thought, "Can I use bass amp for guitar?" Not surprisingly, many people now ask me the same question, and I finally thought of ...

6 Best 12 String Guitars Under $2000

Numerous musicians are producing quality music these days. Do you want to be one of them too? So, what sound do you like the most? A rich tone will always grab the attention of the listeners. So, what instrument would you be in need of for this purpose? One of the most widely used instrument ...

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