Guitar vs Harp – A Comparison

Isn’t it true that music can soothe one’s soul?

One can express numerous emotions through this form of art. Various instruments contribute to this field and introduce diversity in it as well.

Every person has their own set of favorites; some would go for a piano to enjoy the notes’ softness, while some will prefer the royal feel of a violin.

So, what do you think you should opt for?

If the sound of strings matches your energy level, then you might be searching for a suitable guitar for you to play beside a bonfire among your friends.

However, guitars are undoubtedly the most common, but there are other options to explore as well. What about going for a harp this time around?

Do not know which one to choose?

Don’t worry; we are aiding you to get through this. Here, we are offering all the details that you would want to know about guitars and harps.

So, without delaying it further, let us get into the debate of guitar vs. harp right away.

What Is A Guitar?

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Well, it is obvious that a guitar is a musical instrument that you would already know about. But do you know everything about them? If there is any ambiguity, get ready to bid it a farewell.

The guitar is a musical instrument with a long neck. Conventionally, a guitar possesses six strings. Usually, one has to play it with both hands.

With one hand on the body of the guitar, you will have to pluck the strings with either your fingers, fingernails or a guitar pick. At the same time, you will place your other hand on the fret of the guitar.

What Are The Types Of Guitars?

Mainly, this beautiful instrument has two broad types, and the various sub-types fall under the domain of the main ones. The two types of guitars are:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electronic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

The most common image that you imagine after listening to the word guitar is the acoustic one. This guitar has a bigger body and produces relatively softer tunes. You can play various genres with this single piece of instrument.

As guitars come in different colors and designs on it, you can choose whatever suits best for your choice.

Electric Guitar

If you love the rock music genre, it is not possible for you not to know about the electric guitar. This instrument fits rock melodies as one of the most vital parts.

Moreover, this type will require externally connected amplification as well. The vibrations of strings convert into electrical signals, and the sound gets produced.

What Is A Harp?

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Harp is yet another instrument that uses string vibrations to produce sound. There are numerous strings placed on a harp.

All of these are angled to the soundboard of the instrument. For making it work, you will have to pluck the strings with your fingers.

What Are The Types Of Harp?

Similar to guitars, harps also have two basic types:

  • Pedal Harps
  • Non-Pedal Harps

Guitar vs Harp – What Is The Difference?

There are numerous points upon which one can easily differentiate both these instruments.

Let us dive into the side-by-side comparison of guitar vs. harp.



The guitars typically have six strings. All of these vary in their thickness and hence, become able to produce different sounds.

All the strings of the guitar are made from a similar material. Most commonly, nylon or steel wound bronze is used in their making.

Harps, on the other hand, possess gut strings. Different types have a different number of strings. Usually, you will have 47 strings in the case of a pedal harp.

Another main distinction is about the color of the strings. Guitar strings are colorless, while those of a harp are colored differently for your ease.

If you take a look at the Cs notes, you will find them red in color, during the Fs ones a blackish-blue or purple in color.



Guitars are relatively smaller in size. Thus, it is relatively easy for the user to carry them around. But, with harps, the case is entirely opposite. These instruments are comparatively larger in size.



As we are talking about musical instruments, so the sound is one of the most concerning aspects.

The difference between the sounds of both this equipment is that the guitar is relatively louder. The sound of the guitar blends in well with the sound of other instruments.

However, in the case of a harp, you will get a clearer and quieter tone. It is easier for your audience to hear as there are gaps in its sound. Hence, it offers a smoother and more relaxing sound.



The shapes of both these instruments are entirely different from one another. The construction of guitars is done in such a way that you can easily carry them around. The fret or neck of the guitar helps you grab it more easily.

However, on the other hand, a harp is not too easy to carry along. It is bigger, heavier, and requires you to sit and play it. Hence, unlike a guitar, you cannot move around the stage for hooking up your audience with a harp.

Guitar vs Harp – Which Is Easier To Learn?

If you are looking at the whole range of instruments having strings, you will be pleased to know that a harp is easiest of them all to learn.

The best thing about a harp is that the sound that it creates is always beautiful to hear irrespective of the person playing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, every person can carry out lovely sounds from a harp. The colored strings add more to the level of ease.

However, on the contrary, guitars are harder for one to learn. You will have to invest time in proper learning of it. The control at the fret and the soundboard are both differently directed.

The Conclusion

Music is considered as art’s purest form. The expression of emotions through music is undoubtedly matchless.

If you love music, you would love to invest time in learning new instruments. Amongst the string-based instruments, guitars and harps are the most famous.

However, both do have different types and differ in numerous aspects as well. From size to sound and number of strings, both of them hold certain essence of uniqueness.

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