Does XLR Cable Quality Matter?

XLR cables have been in use for many years and are widely used in audio applications. These applications generally range from live shows to professional recording sessions.

The common type of XLR cables I use comes with three pins and a circular connector. These cables also stand out from other types of cables you will come across thanks to their high quality.

I also use this cable because it guarantees balanced microphone and line-level signals and over long distances. You can call this cable a microphone cable if you like because it serves its purposes perfectly.

Don’t have any uncertainties using an XLR cable. It’s the best choice in the market, and you will rest assured of a balanced signal all the time.

I have used these cables for many years, and I can assure you they are the best option on the market.

Everything to Know About the Quality of XLR Cables

If you are looking for the best recording or live performance cables, I recommend you go for XLR cables. One key facet about these cables to keep in mind is their unparalleled quality.

They are known to deliver a balanced signal that means the final audio will be free from unwanted outside noise. If you are still wondering, does XLR Cable quality matter?

Clear your doubts today. Indeed, the quality of your XLR cables does matter, and you should pick the best designs in the market.

The quality of XLR cables matters a lot. I shun the idea of advocating for products that cost a fortune, and you still end up with poor results. There are many features these cables offer that will attract you.

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What I believe is that quality cables should stand out in terms of sound. They don’t sound like any other cables you come across. These cables can pass signals as clearly or transparently as possible.

XLR cables are designed to produce no outside noise, crackling, buzz, or hum. High-quality cables should be whisper quiet when in use. Significantly, these XLR cables also stand out in terms of solidity and reliability.

The international standard of dimensions covers these electrical connectors, and this is a facet that will clear your doubts.

At all times, you should pick the right XLR cables in the market. The right fit should as well fit into your budget.

Features that Improve the Quality of XLR Cables

These cables’ quality will vary depending on how much the manufacturer or dealer is willing to sell them.

I always shun the cheap products in the market. It’s advisable to compare the prices of XLR cables from one shop to another and pick budget-friendly designs.

If you are still wondering, does XLR cable quality matter, worry no more. Here are a few things to consider. Have a look:

Strand Count

Many manufacturers of electrical cables focus on their durability and flexibility that is guaranteed by their strand count.

XLR cables feature a higher strand count, and you can use them for many years without any worries about their quality.

Hence, they are durable enough for daily use or heavy abuse during performances or use.

The Lay

XLR cables come with a shorter lay that improves noise effectiveness and cable flexibility. The lay is the distance between each cable twist.

These cables come with more twists. Hence they are high quality and perfect for use.


The shielding of most microphone cables varies, so is their quality.

XLR cables come with a durable and sturdy shielding that guarantees better installation and use.

Impact Absorption

When cables hit the ground or get stepped on, they will get compressed. In contrast, other cables start producing a slapping sound.

High-quality XLR cables come with special material for the insulation filler or outer casing, or jacket. This casing helps improve impact absorption.

Connector Conductivity

For better electrical conductivity, high-quality XLR cables come coated with different metals, either silver or gold.

Final Thoughts

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XLR cables are an excellent choice if you are looking for multipurpose electrical connectors. These are cables you can use for audio or video recording and in stage lighting equipment.

They are excellent and high-quality for balanced audio interconnection. XLR cables are durable, flexible, and reliable for day-to-day use.

These cables also come in varying sizes and quality, and it’s wise to get them from a reputed dealer. You will rest assured that you are investing in high-quality cables and at budget-friendly rates.

You will have invested in high-end premium cables great for studio and stage use and are excellent at reducing noise.

XLR cables are a worthwhile investment for the best original audio and noise-free signal.

Juan Stansbury
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