Why And How To Use A Guitar Capo

Guitar capos should be one of the first thing that any guitarist add to their arsenal of equipment. They are an exceptionally useful and easy to use functional aid. With the help of a simple capo, you can bring so many songs that would otherwise be outside of your range, into the realm of songs ...

Guitar Tabs vs Chords – The Differences

No matter how sad you may be, when you listen to some motivational music, you instantly feel uplifted. That is the power of music. It makes you feel happy, positive, and hopeful. Not only listening to music but even learning to play a musical instrument has immense positive effects. Though ...

Guitar vs Bass – Which One Should You Opt For?

Music is the food of the soul. It has the power to heal, and it has the power to change anyone's mood almost instantly. This is why no matter what our mood - sad, happy, or eccentric, we always love listening to music. Though of course there are many musical instruments, like the saxophone, ...

What Is A DI Box And Do You Need One?

Ever wondered what is a DI Box? And whether if you should add this equipment to your home studio shopping list? Don't worry because you will in this post learn exactly how this piece of equipment works. What Is A DI Box? A DI Box is essential for musicians of all types. Anyone ...

How To Attach A Guitar Strap

As a guitar owner and player, one of the things that you must learn is how to attach a guitar strap so that you do not always have to seek professional help. Usually, it is not a complicated procedure. Make sure that you get the necessary materials before you get started. Some of the ...

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