Can I Record Vocals or Guitar Without Audio Interface?

Many professional musicians and vocalists use audio interfaces to record and produce their music.

But, an important question remains. Do you need an audio interface to record your music properly?

In this post, I will talk about audio interfaces and recording in detail. You will find out if you need one of these devices to properly record your vocals and guitar playing.

I will also talk about recording quality and potential devices you could get. Along with this, I will discuss other pertinent information. So keep on reading this post!

So, Can I Record Vocals or Guitar Without Audio Interface?

In truth, it is entirely possible to record your music without an audio interface device. This is true with both vocals and guitar playing. But, what is the quality of your music going to be like? And what kind of music can you make without an audio interface exactly?

You can still make professional music, to some degree, without an audio interface. But there are some downsides to making music without an interface.

I will talk about some of the options you can go with if you do not end up getting an audio interface. This will be discussed in the next section of the post in greater detail.

But think about what kind of music you are trying to make. And also think about whether you want to release your music in the future. Most professional artists do end up using an audio interface to record their music.

How Exactly Can You Record Vocals or Guitar Without Audio Interface?

You Can Plug Your Guitar Directly Into Your Laptop

One option you can try out for your guitar is a direct plug-in. This will only work with electric guitars or electric acoustic guitars. But this is one possible choice you can go with.

To record your guitar this way, you will need a laptop or a computer. You will also need some kind of adaptor cable that will let you plug your guitar cables into your laptop. These are usually pretty easy and cheap to get.

And this type of equipment is very easy to use, as well. So, this could be a viable recording setup for you. But, keep in mind. that the soundcard in your hardware might not as advanced as an audio interface.

So, there are a lot of limitations to this option. However, if you are just starting out with music production, this should be fine for you.

Get a UBS Microphone

So, what do you do about your vocals?

Well, if you do not have an audio interface to record your vocals with, you can get a usb microphone. This has similar limitations to the guitar option.

You will plug your USB into your computer and use your computer’s recording software. Mics with this kind of setup aren’t too bad, though. But they are not as high-tech as some more professional mics.

They have a kind of live room vibe to them, though. And you can record instruments along with vocals on this recording device. The sound won’t be near as crisp of course. But it won’t sound terrible either.

Of course, though, you will need a quiet room to really record your music in. And any place you record should have decent acoustics. This way the sound doesn’t sound echoey or weird.

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Use Electronic Instruments to Record

For guitar recordings, you do not necessarily have to use an actual guitar to make your music. Not everyone will enjoy this option, but it is possible to record music virtually. This is done by using virtual instruments on your computer or even your phone.

There’s nothing like playing a real guitar and recording your music on your own. But, if you are in a bind and need to record something fast without an audio interface this could be the right option for you.

Virtual instruments usually come installed with many computers. But, you can also purchase programs with better-sounding instruments. In addition, there are even virtual voices that you can use and record. These are known as singing synthesizers.

These types of programs do not require any type of audio interface. And they record electronically engineered singing voices that can be made into music. The best part is that all you need is your computer.

You might think this is cheating, but a lot of professional artists use these types of programs to create their music. So, there are no problems with trying out virtual voices and instruments. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Benefits of Recording Vocals or Guitar With Audio Interface

You can record your vocals and your guitar without the use of an audio interface. But what are the benefits of using an audio interface? And, should you get one of these devices?

In this final section of the post, I will talk about audio interfaces and their benefits. It can be totally fine to record without these devices. But, your music will sound a lot more refined and high-quality with an interface.

So, I highly recommend getting one of these if you are serious about music recording and production!

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Your Music Will Sound Way More Professional

Audio interfaces instantly improve the quality of your audio recordings. There is no doubt about this fact. So, if you want to create professional-sounding music, this is a must-have device. The smoothness and richness of your voice and your guitar will be recorded in better detail.

And it will sound extremely clear with an audio interface. No one wants to listen to staticky or poorly recorded music. So, keep this in mind as you think about how you want to produce and record your music projects.

You Have More Control Over Sound and Audio Settings

Audio interfaces also make it way more simple to control the sound and audio setting of your recordings. Especially when you have your mics or guitar plugged into an output system this can be convenient.

There are plenty of adjustable knobs and buttons on your interface. You can lower the volume without needing to touch your laptop. You can also control tone on more advanced devices.

It’s Easier to Record Music With an Audio Interface

One of the biggest benefits of audio interfaces is the ease of use. Recording music can be a hassle in some cases. All the wires and programs you have to use can make it hard for beginners to get into music production.

But, audio interfaces reduce the complexity of recording. All your instruments and mics go into this device and are connected to your computer. This happens with a simple plug-in of your interface to your computing device.

In other words, you won’t have to plug and unplug a ton of devices into your laptop. Instead, you can comfortably attach and control everything from your audio interface!

It can seem like an added cost to get one of these. But it is highly convenient and useful having an audio interface available to you.

You Get A Better Range of Sounds and Tones With Audio Interfaces

Related to professional music recording is the range of sounds you get. There are a lot of limitations without an audio interface. I discussed this in the earlier sections of this post.

Computers and other substitute devices just don’t have the same recording capabilities as an audio interface. Really, you want to make the best possible music.

And when you go to record your guitar and vocals, you want everything to be recorded properly. To do this, I highly recommend getting an audio interface.

Especially if you are serious about music, this is extremely important. Audio interfaces are able to record more nuanced music. You can adjust all kinds of sounds and tones, as well.

You Can Record Multiple instruments at Once

Audio interfaces just make recording vocals and multiple instruments so much more seamless. Not only can you plug in your guitar while you record, but you can also plug in your other devices.

There is an incredible range of devices and instruments that can be used with an interface. And this is highly important if you want to make complex and layered music.

Some of the instruments you can use include keyboards, bass, and other guitars. When you don’t have an audio interface, it is harder to record multiple instruments at once. This can slow down the recording process and make it more difficult to make the music you want to make.

Less Sound Interference With Audio Interfaces

Again, you want to make clear recordings that are high-quality and pleasing to listen to. This can be harder to accomplish without an audio interface. When you record on your laptop, for instance, certain sounds can interfere with your music.

Sometimes, jitters or other ambient noise that you don’t want to hear can creep into the recording. This is just something that can happen when you are using a computer or even your phone to record music.

You Can Use Better Quality Equipment With An Audio Interface

Not only will there be less interference and latency with an interface device. But, you can actually use better quality recording equipment when you have one of these devices.

USB mics and other types of adaptors are fine if you are making music for yourself. But, if you plan on posting your music or sharing it with others, you might want to consider using high-tech recording mics and inputs.

An audio interface allows you to do this. You can plug in mics that are much more suited to professional-level music. In addition, audio interfaces are compatible with MIDI devices.

So, you can use a wider range of specialized equipment and software when recording. If you want to make the best possible music, this is really something you have to think about.

Faster Processing of Sound

Finally, audio interfaces just record music faster. Computers and other recording devices can be useful, but they are not as fast as your typical studio interface. If you want to quickly record sounds and get your creative project rolling, audio interfaces are crucial.


Audio interfaces are a staple of many recording studios around the world. This includes both professional and home studios. However, not everyone has the money for an audio interface. Or, they do not want to invest in this device just yet.

This is perfectly fine, of course. Guitars and vocals can be recorded without an audio interface. In fact, I talked about a few great ways you can record your vocals and guitar without one of these devices.

You can make good quality music with these choices. From USB mics to virtual instruments, to adaptors, you can potentially make great music.

But, you need to realize that there are some trade-offs when you decide not to use an audio interface. Audio interfaces are popular and widely used by music professionals for a reason. In fact, I would recommend getting one if you have the money and passion for music.

This is because, with an interface, your music just sounds way more professional and high-quality. Really, the benefits of audio interfaces are immense. Of course, not everyone will want to get one.

But read over the post again, and look over the benefits of this device. This way you can see whether you need one for your studio. Still, you can record guitars and vocals without an audio interface.

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