10 Best USB Microphones For Rapping In 2023

You might be considering putting your music online or maybe you want to record your own rap music. If this is the case, you should have the best recording equipment possible.

Low-end and cheap recording devices can actually decrease the sound quality of your music.

Your rap music should sound as crisp and clear as possible. This way you reach a bigger audience. However, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on studio equipment. This is especially true if you are just starting out with your music.

Really, you want a reasonably priced and easy to use mic product to record your rapping.

This is where USB microphones come in. They are convenient and can be operated by anyone from the comfort of their computer. Still, there are many mic options out there for rappers.

We’ll go into the specifics of USB mics here in this article and will also introduce you to some great mic products.

You should have the best usb microphone for your rapping and your music. This is extremely important for your music so keep reading on!

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Blue 1967 Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone

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Blue Yeti Pro isn’t the cheapest USB mic you can get for rapping. But it is of higher quality. Many rappers and budding artists choose to use the Blue Yeti brand. They have really established themselves as a top of the line microphone.

This is because you can easily adjust the settings. You can also use this mic with any of your devices. Yeti allows you to change from different polar patterns.

You can make your mic go from a cardioid direction, to even omnidirectional. This is helpful if you find yourself in different locations and need to change your recording style. In addition to this, there is little to zero delay in the mic. And the sound is clear and crisp with the mic.

Overall, the style of the mic is sleek and modern. It looks great and offers you some of the highest sound quality available for USB mics. It is one of the best usb microphones for rapping.

  • Has an appealing and sleek looking design
  • A great quality mic that can be used with many different computers
  • You can easily adjust the settings and sensitivity of the mic
  • Has different polar pattern options
  • The Yeti mic is a little on the expensive side but not bad
  • Yeti doesn’t have the best customer service sector or support

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Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone

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Blue Raspberry is another excellent choice for rappers, especially those looking for a quality microphone. This mic comes out at a slightly pricier cost than the Yeti. But it is worth the extra dollars for sure.

The raspberry mic is a top-notch condenser mic that will provide rappers with clear sound. It is a smaller mic, but this makes it easier to carry around and bring with you.

Especially if you like to record things while traveling, this is a good microphone to get. For some context, the Rasberry is around the same size as your typical smartphone.

While this may seem small, this is not a delicate product. Rasberry can be brought anywhere with very little issue. Some other condenser mics can break if you bring them out of the house. This is not the case at all with this recording device.

It’s a very well-made product and it helps focus on your rap verses. The sound-canceling technology helps tune out outside noises for better recording results as well. Really, Rasberry can also be considered as another best USB microphone for rapping.

  • Great sound quality with the Raspberry mic
  • Design is retro and fun looking, also small enough to bring on the go
  • Has some sound-canceling technology inputted in it
  • Very simple to get started, just plug it into a laptop or desktop
  • Raspberry mic works with all kinds of computer operating systems
  • The price of the Rasberry might be too high
  • The style of this mic might not be for everyone

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Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone

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The Fifine mic is more of a budget option for those of you that want to spend under one-hundred dollars for a microphone.

Fifine has good sensitivity and can pick up on all kinds of tones and sounds. You don’t get as many color options, but this is a sturdy mic that won’t break very easily. You can also adjust settings on the mic which will help you record your raps the way you want to.

The Cardioid pattern is used as well. So you know that your voice will be recorded clearly enough. And the condenser technology also adds to the quality of this USB microphone.

On the whole, Fifine is a great choice for rappers. It is by no means the best possible mic you could get. But it definitely gets the job done for a recording.

  • Great price for this mic
  • Sturdy construction and good materials used for the mic
  • Uses cardioid pattern to capture your rapping more clearly
  • You can plug this into almost any computer
  • The cord is extra-long so you can move around with the mic
  • Doesn’t have any different color options
  • You have to keep this mic close to your mouth to get the most use out of it

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Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

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Blue Snowball mics are round, high-tech, and full of quality features. Snowball offers a great audio recording product at a reasonable price. You can get the Snowball in either black or white. In addition, you can purchase the microphone in two different bundles.

The bundles include a microphone and a PC game. The microphone is the same in all versions of the product. Only the games differ in the bundle options.

Snowball is a condenser mic as well, so you will be able to clearly record your music on this product. In addition, it uses cardioid patterns for clarity.

However, unlike some of the other microphones, you can’t adjust the polar pattern. And some of the settings can’t be tweaked as much as other microphones. Still, this is a pretty high-quality recording device.

  • A good price point for the Snowball
  • Uses cardioid patterns
  • Is very easy to set up and use for your recordings
  • Nice spherical design that looks cool
  • Can be used with any type of computer or laptop
  • Not quite as sensitive as other microphones
  • Doesn’t offer as many sound adjustments

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Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone

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Samson microphones are simple but effective products. If you are trying to get good sound quality for your verses, try this product out. This is definitely one mic option that is simple but sturdy.

Samson uses condenser technology to get you the sound quality you want for rapping.

The design is not anything too elaborate or stylish. But the product works well and is highly reliable. It works well for the price and is well-loved by many customers looking for excellent sounding mics.

  • Very high-quality sound with the Samson
  • Not hard to manage this mic and get it set up
  • Uses Cardioid patterns to increase sensitivity and improve sound
  • Very simple bare-boned designed mic

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Apogee MiC Plus

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The Apogee Mic is one of the most expensive recording devices on our list. This is a professional grade product that will absolutely improve the sound quality of your rap music.

This condenser mic uses the best technology and uses cardioid patterns. As a result, it has some of the best recording capabilities of any USB mic. The Apogee looks high end and has a modern design.

The mic itself is easy to use as well. You can control everything from its control knob!

Really the only downside of this mic is the price and that you can’t plug in your headphones. You’ll have to do that on your computer.

  • You don’t have to set the mic up you just plug it in
  • Apogee is known for its quality product and clear sound
  • Looks amazing and is very easy to use
  • Can be plugged into any type of computer
  • A very expensive microphone that might not fit a smaller budget
  • Can’t plug in headphones into mic unfortunately

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MXL USB 009 Condenser Mic

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MXL is even more expensive than the Apogee microphone. And it works at an even higher quality. This is a studio-grade USB mic that will provide you with top of the line functionality.

This won’t be a microphone for everyone. But if you want to invest in good equipment for your home studio, you might want to try this recording device out. The MXL has plenty of ways to adjust the recording settings.

This device doesn’t make it complicated to get the sound you want though. MXL comes with a stand and a case as well. This way you can keep your investment safe and properly positioned.

Overall, this is the best usb microphone for rapping, especially if you plan on spending extra money. It’s a high-quality mic for music, and it looks and operates well!

  • Works at a very high quality and enhances your recording abilities
  • Great investment for people that want professional-grade mics
  • Has a place to plug in your headphones
  • Works with all computer devices and systems
  • A very sensitive mic that will pick up sound well
  • A very expensive mic that is out of many people’s budget
  • Might not be a mic that beginners should get

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AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone

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AmazonBasic might fit more into your budget in comparison to the last few microphones. This is a pretty basic microphone. But it does offer the quality you need to record your rap music well!

You can actually change the polar pattern to many different settings which gives you more audio versatility. You can also adjust sensitivity and volume. There is a muting function for this mic as well which is nice.

AmazonBasics is a very robust mic product, and is well built! This is another solid microphone for rapping. And you won’t be disappointed with its performance. You even get a one-year warranty with this product as a bonus!

  • Good price point for this microphone
  • Works with all types of computers and systems
  • Has a place to plug in your headphones
  • Plenty of adjustment settings for this mic
  • Helps promote clear sound and recordings
  • Not the most sensitive microphone though
  • You have to figure out how to work the settings on it

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Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone

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Samson Meteor has a great price and offers plenty of features. You can choose to get this USB mic with a stand or you can purchase the microphone alone. Both purchasing options offer the same microphone product.

When looking at the Samson, there are many things to praise about this mic. It has one of the sturdiest designs of mics in this price range. It also has many adjustable features for sound. It has good sound sensitivity and can pick up your voice well.

Samson has a large body that helps increase sound quality to a higher degree too. On the whole, this is a good device to spend your money on.

  • Very durable microphone
  • Can purchase this product with a stand
  • Used on all kinds of computers with different operating systems
  • Uses Cardioid for a better sound quality
  • Easy to position your microphone
  • Can be hard to adjust the volume on this mic unit
  • Some people might not like the design of this mic

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Blue Snowflake USB Microphone

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The last microphone for rapping we will introduce is the Blue Snowflake. The Snowflake mic is the cheapest product on this list. But it does have its own advantages. Primarily, this mic is good if you travel or are out of your house a lot.

It’s a compact recording device that can be moved easily and put anywhere. The sound quality is very good as well. You can get clear and textured sounds from this mini microphone. Still, some larger and more expensive mics will have better sound.

So you want to consider this before purchasing the Snowflake. Other than this, the Snowflake is a relatively convenient and functional recording device.

  • Very cheap microphone option
  • Good if you want a mic to travel with
  • Has an interesting and unique design
  • Can be used with any computer or system
  • Can be clipped onto devices and other surfaces
  • Might be too small for some people
  • Might not have the sound quality some people are looking for

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The Advantages of Rapping With a USB Microphone

Video: “XLR vs USB Microphones, Which Should You Buy?”

USB microphones are the perfect solution if you are low on money, or are on a budget. Professional grade microphones like XLR can be great for rapping, but they don’t offer the same conveniences of USB.

In addition, USB offers a much better price point for rappers of all experience levels. These microphones do not cause audio delay and will cancel out outside noises easily. They can also be plugged into almost any type of desktop or laptop computer.

This is great if you rap from your home, and don’t have the time or the funds to rent a studio space.

USB mics don’t take up a ton of power, either. And actually, they power up through your computer when they are plugged in. The USB feeds the mic energy to run on. Again, if you are in a studio, you are probably going to go with a higher-grade mic such as XLR.

However, many rappers work outside of studios nowadays. People upload their music from their personal computers all the time. And the USB mic feeds into this new digital age of music creation. USB and other technologies have opened up the doors for all kinds of rappers.

Now almost anyone who wants to make an impact in the music scene can have that chance. You don’t have to spend tons of extra money on wires and additional equipment. As long as you have a computer you can use this type of mic and rap!

How to Find The Best USB Microphone For Rapping

When looking for a good microphone to rap with, you want to consider the needs of your music. Again, you want the best USB microphone for rapping. In truth, rap requires a higher sensitivity microphone so all your words and rhymes are being picked up.

In short, you want a mic that offers you the clarity and clearness you need to get all your words across to listeners. Picking out the right shape mic is one way to get a clearer sound from your microphone. This feature of the microphone is also known as a polar pattern.

Depending on your mic, the sound will be picked up from one location or multiple locations. Mics that pick-up sound from a singular area are the best option for rappers. These types of mics are good if you want a clear sound, they are known as cardioid mics.

They are higher sensitivity cardioid mics that can be purchase as well if you don’t have a quiet place to record. This mic product can help you with your needs.

In addition to a good polar pattern, rappers should get a mic with a wide frequency range. With a better range of frequency, the USB mic can pick up on more tones and frequencies of your voice. You want the full range of sound and detail in your rapping voice to be heard.

But if your mic doesn’t have a good range it could lower your music and sound quality! So consider this carefully, around eighty hertz is good for your mic. However, make sure your mic is not above fifteen kilohertz. As this reading could hurt your music and rapping.

Lastly, when getting the best USB microphone for rapping, you should consider the sensitivity of the mic you purchase. Microphone sensitivity is extremely important for rapping. You want the mic to pick up quieter and louder sounds well. A mic with good sensitivity ensures that this is the case.

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Choosing Between Different Types of USB Mics

In addition to getting the right specs for your microphone, you should pick out the right kind of mic for your setup. You can choose a condenser USB mic for your music. Alternatively, you can go with a dynamic USB mic.

Which mic is right for you depends. But we’ll talk about how to choose from these two types of USB products in this section. Most of the differences in these two devices are found in the way that sound waves are processed.

Condensers use more modern technology when transforming sound waves. While dynamic mics use magnets and coils in order to convert sound. Both of these types of devices have their own pros and cons.

Dynamic mics are ideal if you are doing any type of live music with instruments. This is because they are very good at picking up on big sounds. Booming voice and larger instruments will be picked up with the dynamic mic.

However, sound quality will be compromised on smaller sounds. And the quality of these mics isn’t always great. Still, these mics are usually a lot more durable and last longer.

Condenser mics are probably the better option for you as a rapper though. Condensers are much better at recording quiet tones and fit well in a studio environment.

You want to be careful with these mics as they can break easily. However, if you want something with good sensitivity and a great range of frequency, the condenser mic is the way to go!

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Anyone who wants to record the best rap music needs to have the best usb microphone for rapping. In this post, we discussed various USB microphones. These mics are convenient, well-priced, and perfect for recordings done at home and while traveling. They will also help you get clear and usable recordings.

Furthermore, we talked about all the things you should be on the lookout for in the best usb microphones. You want to pick a mic with a good range of frequency.

In addition, a USB mic should be sensitive enough to pick up all the sounds you make. With all this information on USB mics, you should be able to make a good choice!

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