5 Best USB Hubs For MIDI Controllers in 2023

It is not uncommon for musicians and music producers to run out of USB space on their laptops and computers. And when you have MIDI controllers and want to plug them in, this can happen, as well.

This is why USB hubs are essential. If you need more room to hook up your instruments and equipment. Or you want something with a little more power to hook up your MIDI controllers, USB hubs are a must. In this post,

I’ll show you the best USB hub for MIDI controllers. It isn’t easy finding the best USB hub for your MIDI controller. So, I’ll give you a preview of some high-quality options you can choose from.

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StarTech 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

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The first product I will be talking about is the StarTech USB hub. The StarTech is ideal for MIDI controllers for several reasons. This device uses USB 3 which is the fastest USB port option. And you can power up to seven different devices to this StarTech hub.

You don’t have to limit yourself with this device and can plug in any type of MIDI controller. This is perfect if you use a lot of high-performing devices that require a lot of power.

[amazon link=”B00SCE4E0I” title=”The StarTech USB Hub” link_icon=”amazon” /] doesn’t burn up and will keep functioning. It’s a highly durable device that will last for a long time! And you can hook this hub up to PCs and Macs

There are three different versions of this product you can go with. The 4X USB hub is okay if you don’t have many MIDI controllers and want something a little cheaper.

But, if you are more serious about music production, I would recommend either the 7X or the 7X superspeed. The 7X is fast and offers up to 7 ports. But the 7X superspeed is even faster. It’s the same hardware but it just works more efficiently!

  • Uses USB 3, so its much faster
  • Up to 7 different ports
  • Three color options
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Can be used with any type of MIDI controller and computer
  • Can be a little expensive to buy
  • Some options of this product are not as suited to a larger studio setup

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Anker 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

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Anker 7 port is another great USB hub option for your MIDI controllers. This is a more budget-friendly device that comes in at under fifty dollars. So if you are looking for something that is well priced but effective this is a great choice.

[amazon link=”B014ZQ07NE” title=”Anker 7 Port USB” link_icon=”amazon” /] has a power adapter as well, so you can plug in your more energy-guzzling devices. In addition, this USB hub uses USB 3 so it is fast and transmits data quickly to your computer and MIDI program.

Anker USB is also very reliable. It won’t heat up and break down on you. And, overall it is highly rated and well-liked by DJs and other music producers.

It’s not as good as the StarTech, but this is a reliable and high-quality option for people who are serious about making music!

  • Great price that is under 50 dollars
  • Uses USB 3
  • Has up to 7 USB ports
  • Small device that is reliable and stable
  • Works with any type of computer
  • No warranty
  • Is not as high tech as StarTech

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SmartDelux 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

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SmartDelux is another choice you can go with for your MIDI controllers. SmartDelux comes in two different versions. And they both use USB 3 and offer some of the fastest data transfer.

You can get [amazon link=”B01N9SOBKH” title=”the SmartDelux” link_icon=”amazon” /] with seven USB hubs. With this option, you get 4 high-speed ports with USB 3. But the other three ports are meant for charging.

The other option you can go with is the 10 port USB hub. You get seven high-speed USB ports and three charging ports. On the whole, this is a very sturdy product with a lot to offer.

The price is not too expensive and you get a lot of USB ports with both options. Though, I would suggest going with the 10 ports option if you have a lot of MIDI controllers to plug in.

  • Two options with either 7 USB ports or 10 USB ports
  • Uses USB 3
  • Very durable product
  • Transmits a high load of data very rapidly
  • No warranty
  • Some of the USB ports are meant for charging

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StarTech 7 Port USB C Hub

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The next line of USB hubs is from StarTech. You get a lot of different options with this line of products. You can choose the number of USB ports, the color, and the size of your device.

Depending on what your setup is like and what kind of MIDI controllers you are trying to hook up some StarTech hubs are more suited to your needs than others. All of the StarTech devices use USB 3, as well.

The first two options offer four USB ports. There is a small difference in size, but the first two products are the same. For the third option you only get one port. So, I wouldn’t recommend it.

For the fourth option, though, you get 3 ports. And this is a pretty nice and lightweight option for small studios. Really, the fourth option is okay but only offers 3 ports for your MIDI controllers.

Really, I would recommend going with [amazon link=”B075D3R8TQ” title=”the fifth option” link_icon=”amazon” /]. This offers up to seven USB ports, and they are all USB 3 and meant for high data transfer. The other options on the page can be good for smaller studios, but they only offer up to three USB ports.

The last option does offer five USB ports, though. But I would still recommend getting the fifth option with seven ports for your MIDI controller!

  • Plenty of different options for different studio setups
  • Different colors and USB port options
  • Has a two-year warranty on all products
  • Great price for all of these USB hubs
  • Some options not suited to a large studio
  • Some StartTech options do not have that many ports

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Sipolar 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

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The final product I will be talking about is the Sipolar USB Hub. This final option is also great for your MIDI controllers and offers up to seven USB ports for your devices. There are two options to go with when picking between Sipolar devices.

Both devices are basically the same. But the first Sipolar option uses USB 3 while the second option only uses USB 2. If you want something faster, then go with [amazon link=”B072JW98SY” title=”the first Sipolar option” link_icon=”amazon” /] option. It is cheaper and faster.

But overall, either of these two USB hubs will work well with MIDI controllers. There is no warranty with the Sipolar, but you get a very sturdy and durable USB hub.

Sipolar is compatible with most computers and devices, as well. You can also plug this USB into an outlet and get even more use out of this device. So, if you have a lot of MIDI controllers that need a lot of power to run, I would definitely recommend going with the Sipolar!

  • Good price for these USB Hubs
  • Can be used on any type of computer
  • Compatible with all kinds of MIDI controllers
  • High-quality and will not break down easily
  • Only one of the Sipolar devices uses USB 3
  • No warranty

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Buying Guide For USB hub For Midi Controller

When buying your USB hub for your MIDI controllers, you want to think about a few different things. First off, you want a USB hub that has enough power. Something with a power cable is ideal because you will be able to get enough power to all your instruments/devices.

This way you can control everything through MIDI. Sometimes you won’t be using music devices or instruments that require a lot of power. But it is better to have this option available to you.

After considering this, look at the type of USB port offered by your device. You can go with USB 2, but this version of USB is a lot slower. So, I would recommend getting a USB hub with USB 3. USB 3 is just a lot more efficient and fast!

Finally, get a USB hub that is high-quality. It can be tempting to get a cheap USB hub for your MIDI controllers. But this is not something you want to do.

Cheap hubs can break down and even affect the quality of your music. So, definitely invest in something that is high-quality and won’t break easily!

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There are many ways to power up MIDI controllers. And you can get your devices connected to MIDI software in many ways, as well. This way you can make and produce great music.

Here, though, I talked about using USB hubs for your MIDI controllers. There are many great USB hub products you can go with. I went over some of the best USB hub for MIDI controllers.

But, I would recommend going with [amazon link=”B00SCE4E0I” title=”the StarTech USB hub” link_icon=”amazon” /]. The StarTech has the power and durability to handle all your MIDI controllers. It also transmits data fast and efficiently to your computer.

So, I highly recommend going with this option!

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