10 Best Studio Subwoofer in 2023

If you want your studio to really thrive, you need to have the most up to date and diverse studio equipment. Speakers, soundboards, and other devices are important. But you should also have a subwoofer in your studio space.

These larger speakers really help bring out lower bass tones in music. And they can also be vital for certain types of music production. Really though, if you want full and vibrant music, your studio won’t be complete without this audio device.

In this article, we’ll go over the best studio subwoofer products for your production setup. In addition, we’ll talk about subwoofer features you should be on the lookout for.

This way you can get the best studio subwoofer for yourself and make professional music!

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Yamaha HS8

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The first subwoofer product we will introduce is from Yamaha. Yamaha products cost a little more than most brands, but their studio equipment is top-notch. So we highly recommend getting a subwoofer from this company if you can afford it.

Especially if you are looking for a professional studio subwoofer. You get a great range of sound with this. This is important when you are trying to make textured and more complex music. You want everything you put in your music to be fully audible.

In addition, the quality of the audio is unparalleled in comparison to most other subwoofers. The volume can be just as loud or soft as you want. And the clarity of your music will be obvious with this product!

Overall, you can control this subwoofer well and make great music. It’s one of the best studio subwoofer products out there.

There is also a speaker version of the product that can be bought. Speakers, in general, have a higher frequency range in comparison to subwoofers. So you might want to purchase a set for your studio along with the subwoofer.

This way you get a full spectrum of high and low sounds. With the Yamaha speakers, one has a mounting device the other just comes with a speaker. Really any of these products will be great for your studio setup!

  • Yamaha is a great brand that makes the best studio equipment
  • Hardy studio equipment but it doesn’t weigh a ton
  • High-quality sound and easy adjustability with this device
  • A lot of professionals use this particular device
  • Price could be too high for some, but this subwoofer worth the cost
  • Might not be loud enough for some people

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Monoprice 60-Watt

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In comparison to Yamaha, Monoprice offers a much more affordable subwoofer product. You can get the Monoprice 60 Watt for under a hundred dollars. This can be great if you have a studio but want to save some money getting good equipment.

Monoprice is a good size as well. It comes in at around eight inches. And the sound quality is clear and loud enough for any studio owner. You won’t get frequencies under thirty Hz, but for the price, this subwoofer is hard to beat.

The design of the Monoprice is nice and compact as well. It’s a decently sized subwoofer device but it won’t take up a ton of studio space. And it also looks nice wherever you put it!

On the whole, we wouldn’t say that this is the best subwoofer you can get. There are products that offer lower frequencies and better sound quality. But if you are looking for a good subwoofer that fits in a certain price range this is a great choice.

Especially for anyone just starting out in a studio, this could be a great option for you!

  • The price for the Monoprice Subwoofer is really affordable
  • Great quality and balanced sound with this subwoofer
  • Good size and design with the Monoprice
  • This subwoofer can be used with different types of studio cables
  • The frequency range is not as diverse as Yamaha or other more expensive products
  • Cannot control this subwoofer as precisely as other devices

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PreSonus Temblor

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PreSonus is another high-capacity subwoofer to be on the lookout for. PreSonus falls into the pricier range like the Yamaha, but we highly recommend this device.

Again, professional-grade production requires high-quality subwoofers, and the PreSonus definitely qualifies as one. It has a great sound balance and offers great low tones.

PreSonus Subwoofers comes in two size options as well. You can get the eight-inch or the ten-inch version of this product. If you need a more powerful subwoofer, we recommend going with the ten-inch PreSonus.

It can handle much louder audio and amplifies at a higher watt capacity. It also has more places to plug in cables. However, if you don’t need as much power, the eight-inch version is fine as well. Both products have the same exact frequency range.

It’s just a matter of how much power you need and what size speaker you are looking for.

  • PreSonus Subwoofer has great sound quality
  • Different size options are available for the subwoofer
  • You can easily adjust sound and features
  • A very responsive speaker that can produce loud audio
  • Price of the PreSonus subwoofer might be too much for some studios
  • Frequency might not be low enough for some people

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Monoprice Stage Right

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The next subwoofer product is another studio device from Monoprice.

It is a more simple device, but it has a lot of value especially considering its size. This ten-inch subwoofer is actually able to reach higher volumes as well!

The Multimedia subwoofer doesn’t accept some types of cables so this could be a downside for some people. In addition, no footswitch is included with the device. So you have to adjust the sound through other means.

Still, overall, this is a great subwoofer that can be used with other speakers easily. You get a one-year warranty included with the Monoprice. And you can return this subwoofer if you aren’t satisfied with its performance.

  • A little less pricy than other Monoprice products
  • Good sound quality with this Monoprice Subwoofer as well
  • Low frequency reaches down to thirty Hz
  • Great size if you want to reach louder volumes
  • This subwoofer comes with a one-year warranty
  • Sound frequency might not be as low as you need it
  • Could still be over some people’s budget

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JBL Professional LSR310S

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JBL is a popular brand that produces high-quality studio devices. The JBL subwoofers are no exception to this and provide you with professional-grade equipment and audio.

The Power Subwoofer will cost you a fair amount of money. But the price for this particular subwoofer is worth the value of the product. JBL is a powerful and robust ten-inch subwoofer. It reaches the low tones you want at under thirty Hz.

Not only does JBL sound great, but it also looks sleek and stylish in your studio!

It’s fairly simple to set up this subwoofer. And it comes with all the necessary features you need to tailor your speaker to your music. Almost any studio cable can be connected to this JBL device as well.

Really, this is another great option for your studio setup. We would also consider it one of the best studio subwoofer products! Not only is it great for studios, but it can be used for any get-togethers or live events. The bass really booms with this power subwoofer.

  • Great sound quality from JBL subwoofer
  • You can get frequencies as low as twenty Hz
  • These speakers can perform well for years and years
  • You can tune bass tones a lot easier with this product
  • Great if you want to turn up your music loud
  • The price of the subwoofer might be a little expensive
  • Not the easiest subwoofer to setup

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KRK 8S/10S

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KRK subwoofers are highly trusted by studio owners and music makers. This studio product comes from a brand with decades of experience. As a result, we would say that this is one of the most professional options you can go with.

For any kind of equipment of this standard, you will have to invest more money. But if you are really serious about studio production, then we recommend going with the KRK subwoofer! This speaker really gives you the range of frequency you need in your production projects.

It goes below 30 Hz which is ideal for a subwoofer. The design is eye-catching as well. It’s a compact product with a bit of color thrown in.

Luckily though, if you are interested in getting this subwoofer, there is a cheaper version to purchase. You can choose between the eight-inch subwoofer, the ten-inch, and the twelve-inch. The eight-inch and the ten-inch are more reasonably priced.

They both offer the same range of frequency for low tones. The only real difference with these KRK devices is the size. The twelve-inch, on the other hand, comes at a much steeper price. It reaches slightly lower in terms of frequency.

And there are more tuning and controlling features with the larger option. The sound is also slightly clearer with the twelve-inch!

  • Professional grade subwoofer that you can’t go wrong with
  • Many people trust this brand and buy studio equipment from KRK
  • Some of the best sound quality you can get for lower tones in your audio
  • Different price ranges to choose from with KRK
  • Good design and not too heavy or bulky
  • The larger subwoofers might be out of your budget
  • Does not include a footswitch unfortunately

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ADAM Audio Sub8

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The ADAM subwoofer is on the smaller size, but this is a very powerful audio device. ADAM will cost you close to a grand. But the capabilities and value of this product are undeniable!

It does not use up a ton of electricity like other subwoofers and it reaches low frequencies well. It goes under thirty Hz and reaches up to one-hundred and thirty Hz!

In addition, ADAM projects your audio well without causing your speaker to heat up. You can use this subwoofer for hours and hours and it won’t get hot. In fact, it has state of the art cooling tech and is more durable than most subwoofers as a result.

Other subwoofers might have to be replaced after a few years of use. But this is not the case with the ADAM speaker. You really do get the best and most professional studio quality with ADAM!

Overall, this is a great product to go with if you have the money to spend. It is super convenient and can be controlled remotely through a controller. It is not hard to get it installed in your studio as well.

And of course the quality and sound on this subwoofer are unmatched compared with most audio devices! So definitely consider buying from ADAM if you want quality tech for your studio space!

  • Convenient design with wireless features included
  • Has the perfect range for low tones and frequencies
  • Does not overheat easily and really amplifies sound well
  • Amazing sound quality with this ADAM subwoofer
  • Great subwoofer if you have a small studio or need to save space
  • A very pricy subwoofer that won’t be in everyone’s budget
  • This subwoofer is better for a smaller studio space

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Mackie MR S10

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Mackie makes many audio devices for live music venues, as well as, a studio setting. This is not a luxury brand by any means. But you will be getting high-performing studio equipment if you buy a Mackie Subwoofer.

There is plenty of tone and nuance in these speakers. The bass sounds deep and rich, and the frequency is at a good range.

This studio device can heat up easily when it is constantly pushed to the limits, unfortunately. Still, this does not diminish the quality of the product. The sound is clear enough for any type of music production.

What this means is that you probably won’t want to bring this subwoofer to a live music event though.

Furthermore, if you need higher range speakers, there is an option to purchase them along with your subwoofer. So try out any of these products to have a full studio setup!

  • Price is not so bad depending on the size you go with
  • Good Bass from this subwoofer
  • Does not use up a ton of power
  • Mackie has a tendency to heat up at times
  • Subwoofer can be more expensive

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Samson Media One 10S

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Samson Subwoofer is not the best subwoofer you can find. But if you are just starting out in the studio we recommend getting this subwoofer product. Not only will you be saving money with Samson, but you will also be getting great sound quality. In addition, Samson is known for their great customer service.

They respond fast to any questions and inquiries. And all in all most people are satisfied with a purchase from this brand. Their studio devices are very easy to manage and install. And Samson is really dedicated to making affordable but amazing products for their customer base!

You won’t be able to control frequency as precisely as you can with other subwoofers. But this is the trade-off for the price. And really, the sound from the Samson makes up for this. You get a lot of bass tones!

Not every studio owner will be the right fit for the Samson. But if you want something that is uncomplicated and not pricy this is the best choice. You can get the Samson in up to four different sizes as well.

It is also slightly more clear and has a lower frequency.

  • The Samson does not cost a lot of money
  • Sound quality is good and gets a good range of lower frequency
  • Very durable subwoofer product that won’t break
  • Samson has a lower power consumption
  • Not professional grade but still has good clarity and performance
  • You can’t really blast your music with this device

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Seismic Baby Tremor

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The last studio subwoofer we will show you in this guide is the Seismic Subwoofer. Seismic, like other brands on this list, provides top of the line audio quality. However, you can get this device for a lot less money than other subwoofers.

This makes the Seismic an ideal choice for studio owners. You get a really high-quality speaker but you won’t have to spend a lot for it!

Seismic is simply designed and does not have the complex features found in other more expensive subwoofer products. But it works well and lets you hear low bass tones in your music.

This is a pretty big subwoofer as well, so you can hear everything at a higher volume than usual. Still, just know that this thirteen-inch device does weight more than your typical subwoofer. It is around seventy-five pounds.

So we recommend the Seismic for a much larger studio area. You need space to house this device. But if you plan on taking this out to any live gigs, this speaker can be handy to have.

Seismic can be used at very high volumes for a long amount of time. Other speakers might crack or burst. But Seismic is made to be loud!

It is not the best studio subwoofer you can get but its a quality product with a lot of good points!

  • Great budget option if you need a subwoofer
  • A very loud subwoofer that won’t break when you up the volume
  • A lot of bass with this particular subwoofer
  • Very easy to use this Seismic product
  • Can be used in your studio and at gigs
  • Very heavy subwoofer around seventy-three pounds
  • Uses a lot of power and has to be plugged in
  • Sound quality is less than more expensive subwoofers though

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Video: “Seismic Audio Baby Tremor 15-PW Active Subwoofer (Official)”

Why You Need a Quality Studio Subwoofer Device

Some people might not think that they need a subwoofer for their studio. However, you should consider getting one of these devices if you want to make quality projects.

Music, and any type of recorded sound, is full of frequencies and tones that might not be properly picked up with conventional speakers alone.

If you want lower tones to be heard and expressed you need to have a subwoofer. Without this device, you are limiting what you can make and hear.

Not only do you want a subwoofer, but you also want the best studio subwoofer you can find. You need to consider the quality of any product your buy for your studio space. What you spend on your audio devices will reflect in anything you make.

So choose carefully and consider some of the quality subwoofers we mentioned above! Again, you want to make great music, but this can’t be done with a subpar subwoofer.

How To Choose The Best Subwoofer For Your Studio

With studio subwoofers, you want to consider a few different features before you buy anything. Frequency is the most important factor you should think about when buying. This is the whole point of buying a subwoofer in the first place.

So you want it to be able to create very low tones and frequencies. At its lowest, you should have a frequency of twenty to thirty Hz. At its highest range consider going with something that is one-hundred to three-hundred Hz.

In addition, you should be able to adjust the frequency to the exact tone you want. This is known as a crossover frequency. A good subwoofer lets you modify frequency as you want. Size is also important to think about too. Not just in terms of studio space, but in terms of sound quality.

Very small subwoofers aren’t as likely to sound good. A bigger device will be able to reach higher volumes if you need that. You don’t always need to get a massive subwoofer. But if you need more power and greater volume the size of your equipment can be important!

Lastly, the brand of your subwoofer device should be thought about as well. You don’t need to go with the most expensive audio company out there. Still, you want to know that you are getting a quality subwoofer device from a well-respected brand.

Established companies can offer you a lot as a customer. Not only have they been making studio devices for a long time. But they can give you warranties and good support for any technical issues.

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Subwoofers are essential for professional production environments. If you have a studio, we urge you to get the best studio subwoofer for your setup.

Again, not everyone will want to spend money on this device. But this is an essential part of music-making, especially if you want to reach certain frequencies and tones as you create music. We talked about all the important features of subwoofers in this guide.

You want the right range of sound and a great device that can be adjusted to your needs. This way you get the subwoofer you want. In addition, we introduced subwoofers for studios that are high-quality and deliver great performance to customers!

Finding a great studio speaker or subwoofer is not always simple. But we made the process of choosing much easier with our subwoofer list. Only the best and most advanced products were placed on this guide.

Some products range in price and performance, but overall you will be satisfied with any one of these subwoofers!

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