9 Best Studio Monitors Under 500 Dollars

Studio monitors are a crucial tool for any musician or music producer. These devices smooth over the recording process and create better quality recordings and music. Studio monitors do this by allowing you to clearly hear every sound that is being captured.

Really, anyone who wants to make top quality music needs a great studio monitor model! Still, studio monitors can get pricy. And if you are trying to save money, it can be hard to find a quality product for your studio.

You might not know which monitors are the best choice for your setup and your music. However, in this article, we will introduce you to the best studio monitors under 500 dollars.

Each of these studio devices was picked so you can get the best value for your money. These studio monitors will also improve the way you make your projects and share them with your audience!

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Edifier S2000 Pro

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This Edifier model is the first product we will talk about in-depth. Really, if you are looking for a quality Bluetooth monitor, this is the perfect studio monitor device! With its easy connectivity, you won’t have to worry about loose wires.

In addition, this studio device will look great in any room. It is neutral-toned, and look sleek and modern in studios!

Edifier is a newer company when it comes to their electronics for studios. But they are slowly rising in the ranks, especially with the quality of their studio monitors!

The price is mid-range, and not terribly expensive, but you are still paying enough to get the professional sound quality you need. In addition, the standard of sound from Edifier is of great quality!

It has plenty of sound setting controls. This way you can control your studio monitor exactly how you want to as well.

  • Edifier is Bluetooth compatible
  • Great price for the Edifier
  • Quality for this Edifier product is top notch and professional
  • Very nice and modern look with this studio monitor
  • Sound from this device is nice and balanced
  • Under five hundred dollars but could still be pricy for some people
  • It is a newer brand with less design variety
  • Does not have a plug for USB cords

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PreSonus Eris E7 XT 

[amazon box=”B084Z8X1TK”]

PreSonus Eris is more well known within the studio equipment industry. In fact, PreSonus makes some of the best studio monitor products. Not only is the audio quality superb. But this particular device gives customers high levels of control and precision.

This monitor has a great range of frequencies. This means that you will hear all kinds of tones and sounds from the PreSonus.

Furthermore, the PreSonus lets you mix and change up acoustic and bass sounds. Tones can be controlled as well, and volume is fairly flexible with this device. On the whole, the PreSonus is one of the best studio monitors under 500 dollars!

And it is fairly cheap in comparison to other models with a similar sound quality!

  • You get a ton of controllability in volume and tone with this monitor
  • Great design and look with this PreSonus device
  • Acoustics and bass can be adjusted as well
  • Good clarity and sound quality with this studio product
  • No Bluetooth with this device though

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Yamaha HS5

[amazon box=”B00CFOX420″]

Yamaha is known for its quality, so you know you are getting the best studio monitor with this brand. However, know you will be paying more money for this particular studio product. So if you have a lower studio monitor budget this might not be your best option.

The design of this Yamaha model is unassuming but professional. In fact, many music producers use studio monitors from this particular line of Yamaha. It offers some of the clearest sounds and tones. And it has a wide range of frequency which is preferred by professional studio owners.

You can get the Yamaha HS5 in a few different varieties as well. There is an option to just purchase the speaker alone. You can choose from different sizes as well to suit your studio space. In addition, you can also get the speaker with mounting screws for better installation.

The final version of the product is a much larger subwoofer speaker. This is a higher-powered studio monitor that offers the same quality and technology just in a more high-powered form.

Really with its versatility and quality, this model is one of the best studio monitors for under 500 dollars. This is especially true if you are looking for a great brand to purchase from!

  • Different versions of the HS5 to choose from
  • High quality and professional studio product
  • Really improve sounds in the studio
  • Good range of frequency with the Yamaha
  • Comes from a great studio equipment brand
  • Better for larger studios with space to spread out the monitor

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JBL Professional 308P MkII

[amazon box=”B077NHM2K6″]

JBL is much more affordable in comparison to Yamaha studio monitors. If you are wanting to save some money but still get a great monitor, we recommend going with this option. JBL is another well-known studio equipment brand. But you won’t have to pay nearly as much money to acquire one of these studio monitors.

With this JBL device, you get one high-powered speaker. You can choose between three different sizes, and you can get either the first generation of the JBL or the second generation.

The first generation has less power and lower frequency range but costs less. The second gen of this studio monitor costs a little more. However, it has way more frequency range and power.

The look of the second-gen is also more appealing and modern in visuals. In any case, any version of this device is worth your money for the sound quality alone!

  • Really great price for the JBL that is hard to beat
  • Can get a cheaper version of this product that has good sound quality
  • Different size options for different studio types
  • High-quality sound with this JBL product
  • The JBL looks great in any studio
  • Can be some sound interference with this product
  • Not as much controllability as other studio monitors

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IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors 

[amazon box=”B01C5RZWCQ”]

IK Multimedia studio monitors are small but are able to produce very loud and clear sounds. This is a convenient Bluetooth device that can be easily moved and put on desks and other cramped spaces.

Really, if you have a smaller studio space or your produce music from home this is an ideal product. Larger studios can benefit from this product as well, but we recommend this device specifically for small studio setups!

Sound quality does not diminish with the size of the product. And the cost of these studio monitors is fairly well priced. IK is not the cheapest monitor on this list. But the price won’t be as close to 500 dollars like other products.

The design and look of the IK are simple when comparing it to other models. However, this is a functional and practical device that can bring great quality to your music with very little hassle.

Overall, with the smaller size and Bluetooth, it is much easier to use the IK and get it set up with your studio and your studio devices. You can also control your mixes and sounds with ease.

  • Another well-priced studio monitor, good for a budget too
  • Comes as a pair with two monitors
  • This is a Bluetooth compatible studio monitor
  • Lightweight and small devices, so it is easy to place them and move them
  • A very versatile range of frequency, and good sound quality
  • Very basic looking studio monitor
  • Sound quality not as varied and textured as more expensive models
  • A better device for smaller studio setups

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Avantone Audio Active MixCubes

[amazon box=”B0066NSCWI”]

Avatone Audio Mixcubes are little on the pricy side. But if you want a more professional grade product, they are a good choice for your studio. The Mixcubes can be purchased in either black or a buttercream. Both products use the same technology and have the same features.

However, the buttercream Mixcube is slightly less bulky than the black Mixcube. All in all, though, these are meant to be placed in a bigger studio with plenty of room to space them out.

You get two studio monitors with this product as well. And you can easily mix up and control the sound on these devices. The price of these studio products might not be for everyone though. But if you are setting up a more high-tech studio space we recommend going with this product.

You can produce very clear and nuanced music with the Avatone cubes. So consider this product if you are looking to get the best studio monitors under 500 dollars. The Mixcubes are sturdy and have a great sound. And they are sure to give you the quality you are looking for within your studio space.

  • Comes in a pair of studio monitors
  • Two different color options for these studio devices
  • Great professional-level quality with these monitors
  • Can mix and control sound with ease using the Mixcubes
  • Great frequency and sound quality with the Mixcubes
  • Much more expensive than other studio monitors on the list
  • A bigger device that is better suited for larger studios
  • A very heavy device comes in at around twenty-six pounds

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Edifier S880DB

[amazon box=”B07D41XN1F”]

We talked about the Edifier S2000 at the beginning of the post. But the S880 is another great Edifier product with a great price tag.

Edifier S880 is not nearly as powerful as the pro S2000 model. Still, this is a good studio device if you want to spend a little less money. There is a small trade off in quality controllability. But some music producers might want to save a little with this product.

However, we recommend going with the S2000 if you have a larger studio though, or you need a larger frequency range. Other than this, you can get plenty of value out of the Edifier S880. It’s great with lower type tones and has a frequency that dips into bass like sounds as well.

The looks of the S880 is not as polished as the S200, but the design is still pleasing. Overall, this is another option for music makers, that will offer value and great sound. S880 is not the best studio monitors under 500 dollars, but it is a good choice for sure!

  • The price for this studio device is good for a budget
  • Comes with two studio monitors
  • Good clear sound from the Edifier S880
  • You get a warranty with this model, and it lasts up to two years as well
  • Good bass tones and frequency with this particular studio monitor
  • Not as high quality or high powered as the Edifier S2000
  • Does not provide as much controllability as other models

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Yamaha HS8

[amazon box=”B00DCYMVB2″]

Yamaha HS8 shares many similarities with the HS5 Yamaha model. Both are made with high-quality designs and materials from the Yamaha company. In addition, and as you would expect, both produce great sound for studio mixing and recording.

But with the HS8 you get more power and more range in frequency than was possible with the HS5. This is because of the cone in the studio monitor. The cone is where the sound comes out of. And it is slightly bigger in the HS8. This helps produces clearer and louder music.

Especially if you have a more spacious studio, you should consider getting this Yamaha studio monitor. The price can be a little intimidating, but this is a professional-level studio device worth having. The look of this studio model is near identical to the HS5 though. It comes in black, and all three versions of the product offer similar options to the HS5.

You can get the HS8 monitor alone and in three different sizes. There is a smaller five-inch monitor, a slightly larger six point five inch one, or the eight-inch model. It’s really a matter of how much room you have to place this device.

You can also purchase the HS8 in a mountable version which has mounting equipment with it. Lastly, you can get this product in the larger subwoofer. This is a much heavier and powerful version of the HS8. And as you can guess, it costs a little more. But if you need this kind of power in your studio we recommend going for this purchase!

  • Very high-quality product with some of the best sound production
  • Comes from a great company, Yamaha is used by many studio pros in fact
  • Good frequency range with this particular device
  • Great options for size and a range of models for different studios needs
  • A powerful tool that produces loud and varied music
  • More expensive the Yamaha HS5, but is higher quality
  • Better suited to bigger studio spaces so you can have the space for your monitors

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Video: “Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor Review – The Best Affordable Option For EDM?”

Mackie Studio Monitor (MR824)

[amazon box=”B073WNS92T”]

This final studio monitor is a budget friendly option. Still, even with the reduced price, you will not be missing out on quality. If you choose to purchase from Makie you are making the best choice. This particular company has a great reputation in the music industry.

It also produces great products that are affordable for people looking to make music in a studio. There is a ton of variety in this particular model as well. You can choose from up to four sizes of studio monitors. So if you have a smaller or larger studio space you can find the correct product for you.

Again, whenever you pick out a monitor, you want something that is tailored to your studio needs. Makie delivers on this for sure. You can get the five-inch version of this, the six-inch, the eight-inch, or the ten-inch.

Any of these monitors is a great option. Just choose a studio monitor that will actually fit in your space. In addition, you can choose between a normal studio monitor or a subwoofer. The subwoofer has one large speaker in the center.

It is more powerful and produces better bass tones and frequencies. So if you are looking to make electronica music or any type of rap or hip hop this could be an ideal product for you.

Mackie studio monitors only come in black. But the design of the device is pleasing and looks really nice in a studio space. Overall, this is a studio monitor that is meant to last and meant to make quality music for you.

Some frequencies on the Mackie are not as varied or as amazing sounding as other types of devices. Again, this is a more bass oriented device. Still, you get a nice range of clear sounds that are of high and professional quality. So consider getting the Mackie if this sounds like the right device for your studio!

  • The price for the Makie is great and fits within a budget nicely
  • Good if you need lower spectrum frequencies and want to control them well
  • Has good sound isolation and won’t be prone to sound interference
  • Good variety with this product can choose between different sizes
  • Mackie products are very well liked among studio owners and music lovers
  • Average sound with more middle toned frequencies as well as acoustic sounds
  • Some versions of this product not ideal for smaller studio spaces
  • Larger versions of this product are much pricer and might not fit in your budget

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Video: “Mackie MR524, MR624 and MR824 Audio Monitor Speakers”

Why You Need A Quality Studio Monitor For Your Setup

You could buy a normal speaker set for your studio. You might even be able to purchase high end speakers for your studio space. With these products, you could make okay music. But really, this would be a big mistake on your part.

It is not that the sound for these types of speakers is terrible. In reality, though, these products just will not get you the quality you need to mix and create the best possible music. Really, if you are at all serious about producing music, you need to get a studio monitor. Studio monitors are an essential and vital part of music production.

It all has to do with the sound and standard of the music you are making. When you make any type of music, you need to consider getting professional and studio level tech. This way your music sounds the best that it can be.

It can be daunting picking out a good model, but there are plenty of options. And we went over some great studio monitor choices here in this guide! So consider this as you purchase equipment for your studio! Don’t just go out and buy any old speaker or monitor you find. A cheap studio monitor or a simple speaker could cost you in the long run.

How To Correctly Choose The Best Studio Monitor Under 500 Dollars

There are a few features and factors to think about before choosing the best studio monitor for your setup. Here, we will discuss how you can get the best studio monitor for under 500 dollars. Of course, you want to get a monitor that fits within your budget. But beyond that, you need some quality features.

Frequency Range

The first thing you should consider is the frequency range. This is a given, as you want your studio monitor to clearly and accurately relay your music. If you have a limited frequency or don’t have the right frequency, your music won’t sound right.

So consider this as you go get a studio monitor. For instance, smaller studio monitors with a flatter or acoustic frequency can be good for pop or vocal music. On the other hand, a much larger monitor with bass frequencies or low frequencies might be more appropriate for electronica music.

In addition, you can get monitors that feature more of a range of frequency. This way you can make a variety of music.

Power Ouput

Once you find the right studio monitor with the right kind of frequency, you’ll need to consider the power of your monitor. Bigger monitors tend to have a bigger power output. And really, the more power you have in your device the more noise it will make.

If you are looking for a louder studio monitor device get something with bigger power output. This is necessary for a big studio where you want the sound to fill up the room. If your studio space is not so spacious though, a smaller lower-powered device might be more appropriate.

Design and Brand

Lastly, consider what kind of design and brand you want for your studio equipment. In terms of looks, this is totally up to your own preference, but something stylish and cool looking won’t be bad.

Sleeker models can also save you more room in your studio space and might be less of a hassle to move and position. In addition, the brand of your studio monitor is important as well.

You could go with lesser known studio equipment companies. Still, it is probably in your best interest to go with a more well-known brand. This will ensure that you are getting a quality product that is functional and up to industry standards.

It might also be easier to return or get customer service to help you with a more well-known studio equipment company.

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Studio monitors should not be bought on a whim. This is an important device for your studio setup and your music production process. So you want to choose the best product for your music and studio space.

In this article, we went over studio monitors in much depth and detail. We went over some of the best studio monitors for under 500 dollars.

This way you could find a studio device that fits within your budget but didn’t compromise on sound quality. With this list of products, you should have found something that was right for you. In addition, we also went over the basics of studio monitors.

We talked about the importance of getting a good studio monitor. Key features of these devices were spoken about as well. This should help you find the best possible match!

Other factors should be considered in your studio monitor purchase as well. Space in your studio is one thing you need to think about. Depending on the type of studio space you have, your needs could differ.

For instance, larger studios will benefit from bigger devices that fill a room better with music. Sound quality is a must of course. And you want a high-power and versatile product with plenty of frequency and control options.

But really, above all else, you want to save money for your studio. It is not necessary to throw away hundreds if not thousands of dollars on studio equipment. Of course, you want an amazing studio monitor. And you do not want to compromise on sound clarity. Still, you can find high-quality studio products for a good price!

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