9 Best Rap Microphones Under 1000 Dollars

Getting the best rap microphone for studio recordings is super important as a rap artist.

Since the focus of your studio recordings will be on the bars that you spit, which why it is ideal that you as a rap artist pick up a microphone that has great sensitivity, frequency range, and high SPL. 

However, since there are so many great microphones available in todays market, it can be tough to find the best one for rapping.

Which is we have created a list of some of the best rap microphones under 1000 dollars.

In a hurry? Here are my top 3:

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Audio Technica AT4040 – A Great Reputation

[amazon box=”B0002D0BQ8″]

This microphone is a new addition to the professional 40 series. It features an externally-based condenser element without sacrificing the transformerless electronics of its predecessor.

This microphone has earned a good reputation over the years for its sturdiness and amazing delivery of sound.

It works well with a wide variety of sources and it also has the same physical design as others in the 40-series.

However, it is much lighter than the others. It has a nickel-plated brass body that takes up most of its body.

The [amazon link=”B0002D0BQ8″ title=”Audio-Technica AT4040″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is a fixed cardioid pattern microphone. It has a one-inch capsule which employs a gold-spluttered diaphragm to achieve a smooth and natural effect.

The preamplifier electronics are made to reduce noise and increase the dynamic range. This microphone weighs only 360 g which is pretty impressive.

The body has a large double-layer, wire-mesh grille at the front and behind the capsule. The housing has a symmetrical shape which is meant to minimize internal reflections.

At the front, there is the AT logo. There are two switches around the back. One of them is for activating a first order, high pass filter while the other one is for introducing a pre-attenuator.

The general experience of using this microphone is amazing. The sound is clean and the detail is crisp. It sounds a lot like other AT microphones. Its polar response is predictable. 

It leans towards a hypercardioid pattern as the frequency increases. At lower frequencies, it opens out well. It is a great microphone for close-miking sound sources.

  • The sound is warm and detailed.
  • It is designed to minimize internal reflections.
  • Amazing transient response.
  • High SPL capability. 
  • It comes with a decent shock mount at no extra cost. 
  • It is well-equipped and well specified.
  • High-frequency response irregularities.

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Video: “Audio-Technica AT4040 XLR Condenser Microphone Test/Review (Rap, Sing, Guitar)”

Rode NT2-A – Amazing Sound Quality

[amazon box=”B004L06ZCM”]

If you are trying to upgrade your microphone, consider buying the Rode NT2.

It is a great mid-range mic with great sound quality. The large-diaphragm condenser mic has three pickup patterns; cardioid, figure 8, and omnidirectional.

It is impossible not to ignore the amazing build quality which is apparent right from the moment you hold it in your hands.

The microphone is sturdy and durable. It gives you the convenience of a high-pass filter switch for 40 Hz and 80 Hz.

The versatile microphone is capable of handling various textures and ranges in your voice, making it one the best rapping microphones under 1000 dollars.

The reason why this microphone really stands out is its ability to capture the specific textures of different voice styles.

There are plenty of similar microphones in the market but most of them sound too harsh or too bright. [amazon link=”B004L06ZCM” title=”Rode NT2-A ” link_icon=”amazon” /] produces very natural sound. It is barely colored at all.

It is great on vocals and reusable as a drum overhead microphone. The Rode NT2-A is amazing on a conga. The sound is very smooth and natural when used on a guitar amp.

This microphone is excellent for the price. When used with the right techniques and pre-amps, you can achieve amazing sounds. It is a great microphone to add to your collection.

The shortcoming of this microphone is that it can be too rough from 4k to 10k. It may cause your vocal to sound way too metallic. This sound may be excruciating.

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Ease of use and very versatile.
  • Great price for its quality.
  • Sleek and professional design. 
  • It comes with a pad switch adjustment switch.
  • It may cause your voice to sound too metallic.

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Video: “Rode NT2a Microphone Test (Voice & Guitar)”

AKG Pro Audio C214 – Great Detail

[amazon box=”B003SO5OZQ”]

The sonic character of the microphone is amazingly detailed for lead vocals and solo instruments.

The body is beautiful and the construction is roadworthy. The large-diaphragm condenser microphone will impress you with its amazing detail.

It gives your natural vocals more clarity than other microphones in the same price range. It adds richness to the vocals so they do not come off as weak or thin.

This microphone is no stranger in most studios. It has been used to produce many hit records in various music genres. Its recommended load impedance is 1000 Ohms, and the bass-cut filter is 160 Hz.

The [amazon link=”B003SO5OZQ” title=”AKG Pro Audio C214’s” link_icon=”amazon” /] integrated capsule suspension minimizes mechanical noise and increases accuracy.

It is designed with a double mesh grille to increase RF immunity while its acoustical performance remains unaltered. The microphone is capable of an amazing 143Db dynamic range.

This mic may not be appropriate for people who do not like darker tones. It requires some upper midrange EQ.

  • Roadworthy construction.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Large-diaphragm sound.
  • It has an integrated capsule suspension to reduce mechanical noise.
  • Amazing detail.
  • The darker tones may not be appropriate for some people.

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Video: “AKG C214 rap vocal demo”

MXL 990 – Budget Friendly

[amazon box=”B0002GIRP2″]

The MXL 990 is one of the most phenomenal microphones in the industry. It was the first high-quality condenser microphone. It features a FET preamp and amazing sound quality.

This microphone works well in both analog and digital recordings. The reproduction is silky, tight, and high end. It comes in many configurations including straight up condenser and XY stereo. You can get USB versions of both configurations.

The construction is incredible. The mic is solid, and it feels great in your hands. It has a transformerless design that is loosely based on the early British consoles.

It is designed to minimize self-noise and improve the dynamic range.

The vocals are equally impressive. It adds depth to your sound without sounding too harsh.

The high-frequency presence bump brings out the details. This microphone is a great choice regardless of your voice.

This legendary microphone has a 30 Hz-20 kHz frequency response. The body style is vintage with a champagne finish.

Between the unbelievably low price and amazing performance, the [amazon link=”B0002GIRP2″ title=”MX 990″ link_icon=”amazon” /] would be a great addition to your microphone collection. It is a great option if you do not have a proper FET condenser to bring out the specific details of your sound.

A shortcoming of this microphone is that it is not appropriate for live performances because of the ambient noises you would be introducing.

  • Vintage body design.
  • The unprocessed sound is smooth and authoritative.
  • It comes with custom shock mount, a carrying case, and mic sound adapter.
  • FET preamp and a balanced output.
  • Beautifully balanced sound with rich tones.
  • Some of the components are not durable.

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Video: “MXL 990 Review & Demo as Vocal Microphone”

Rode NT1-A – Perfect For Hip hop

[amazon box=”B002QAUOKS”]

The large-diaphragm condenser is one of the clearest microphones in the market. It is very sensitive to sound and it has the most incredible frequency response.

It is a great-sounding microphone and is great for rapping and playing guitar.

If you are looking for amazing sound without spending too much money, it is a perfect choice.

The presence bump on the microphone at higher frequencies allows your strings to sound bright when played through studio monitors.

It is a quiet microphone so you can quickly pick up on the most subtle nuances of your guitar.

The [amazon link=”B002QAUOKS” title=”Rode NT1-A” link_icon=”amazon” /] allows you to hear even the slightest details. The clarity of the microphone enables your voice to sparkle and really stand out.

This microphone is a great option if you do not want something that will add too much color to your voice.

The result is a very natural and clear sound. Basically, you get exactly what you hear.

The sound of this microphone is perfect for hip-hop vocals since it makes your recordings easy to EQ.

This microphone is very quiet. If you have a good recording room with proper ambiance, it is a great choice.

The microphone has grown into an industry-standard because of its amazing performance and warmth.

Its clarity, extended dynamic range, and high SPL capability can only be compared to some of the most expensive microphones in the world.

It gives you everything you need for professional vocal recording.

It may not be a great microphone for musicians who are looking for a microphone to add some color to their natural voices. Its recording is neutral.

  • The microphone is a lot more affordable than most entry-level condenser microphones.
  • The vocals are bright so your sound will always stand out.
  • It is great for acoustic guitars.
  • The neutral response does not overshadow your sound.
  • The presence bump makes vocal recordings slightly sibilant.
  • If your voice is high-pitched, this microphone may be a little too bright.

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Neumann TLM 102 – True Neumann Quality

[amazon box=”B003HGLPC6″]

This microphone may be small but it is very powerful. It can add power to even the smallest studio. It is the perfect blend of technical excellence and balanced vocals.

The TLM 102 has a cardioid pattern and an integrated pop screen. It is great for both beginning and experienced artists.

If you are new to Neumann microphones, this is the perfect microphone to start with. It is simple, smart, and the design-build is amazing.

Like other Neumann microphones, it is made in Germany with special attention to detail. Even though it is a mid-price microphone, the sound quality is amazing.

The general appearance is sleek. It has a chrome ring between a tapered headgrille and of course the Neumann diamond.

The large-diaphragm condenser capsule is newly developed. It is one of the most amazing features of this microphone.

It is a great choice for use in recording studios. Its sensitivity to sound gives it amazing clarity and sound definition.

The [amazon link=”B003HGLPC6″ title=”TLM 102″ link_icon=”amazon” /] has a linear response across the midrange. It can capture the true personality of your voice. The bottom end is amazing too.

The large-diaphragm cardioid capsule is great for controlling the proximity effect.

The self-noise is only 12 Db-A. This means that you can use it even in very quiet rooms. It can handle a lot of sound pressure.

This microphone handles up to 144dB free of distortion. The transformerless output stage guarantees you powerful bass at all times

The microphone is very easy to use making it suitable for all types of musicians. The sound production is uncolored, so it doesn’t matter whether your vocals are male or female. You can use it with just about any type of instrument.

Unfortunately, this is an entry-level microphone so it does not have a lot of extra features. It may not be an appropriate choice for experienced artists who like a lot of features.

  • The self-noise is very low so it is appropriate for use in silent rooms.
  • Integrated pop shield.
  • It is small yet powerful.
  • Uniform cardioid pattern.
  • Clear sound and powerful bass.
  • Gives your recording a silky elegance.
  • It lacks a shock mount.
  • It lacks a pad.
  • It lacks filter switches.

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Video: “Neumann TLM 102 Review / Test”

Audio Technica AT2020 – Extended Frequency Response

[amazon box=”B0006H92QK”]

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is built with the amazing quality standards of Audio Technica. Its high quality is one of the things that make it an amazing microphone.

The low mass diaphragm is custom made for extended frequency response. The construction is rugged and amazing. It is durable and sturdy.

The [amazon link=”B0006H92QK” title=”Audio-Technica AT2020″ link_icon=”amazon” /] handles high SPLs. It is the perfect microphone for side-address studio condensers.

Its ease of use makes it an ideal microphone for project/home applications — the high SPL handling.

This microphone is basically all-around and the price is amazing. The quality is great. This microphone may continue to work well even after a few falls.

  • Rugged construction for durability.
  • Ability to handle high SPL.
  • Custom made low-mass diaphragm.
  • Ideal for project/home applications.
  • The sound reproduction is not very good when used in an environment that is not controlled.

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Video: “Is the audio technica AT2020 worth it in 2020?”

Rode NTK – Incredible Detail and Warmth

[amazon box=”B0002DUQOU”]

The NTK from Rode is a valve condenser microphone made to help you achieve incredible detail. It is especially great when you are recording with a single instrument.

The electronics include a hand-chosen twin triode 6922 valve and audiophile-grade components. The result is an ultra-wide dynamic range, amazing tube warmth, and very little noise. It is a great microphone for vocals as well as instruments.

The detail is incredibly clean and precise. The [amazon link=”B0002DUQOU” title=”Rode NTK ” link_icon=”amazon” /] fits perfectly in the category of microphones that deliver more than you expect for the price.

Its performance can be compared to most vintage microphones which cost much more.

Its sound has a bit of a vintage vibe so it works for both modern and classic sounds. The presence boost is so gentle that everything sounds great.

This award-wining class-A tube microphone has become a staple for many professionals because of its versatility, low noise, and amazing tube warmth.

Some people may find the external power supply inconveniencing.

  • Dedicated power supply.
  • Internal capsule shock mounting.
  • The 6922 twin-triode valve is hand-selected.
  • The dynamic range is wide.
  • high level RF rejection.
  • Very low noise levels.
  • It complements all sounds.
  • The blue light of the power supply is too bright.

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Video: “Rode K2 Mic Test (Hip Hop and R&B Vocals)”

MXL 770 – Taking Versatility To Another Level

[amazon box=”B0007NQH98″]

The MXL 770 is a choice for many because of its incredible versatility, amazing sound quality, and flexibility. It is appropriate for use at home just as much in professional recording studios.

You do not have to be experienced in using microphones to use the MXL 770 as it is very easy to use.

The multipurpose condenser microphone gives you a solid low-frequency response, and the high end is clear.

It is made with a high-quality FET preamp. Its transformerless balanced output gives you a wide dynamic range.

You can use the microphone even in very quiet rooms since the noise level is very low. The cost of this microphone is great considering its quality.

Another impressive feature of the microphone is the low-frequency roll-off to get rid of rumbling which can be annoying. Its shock mount reduces mechanical vibrations and the 10db pad facilitates various sources of sound.

This microphone continues to amaze rap recording artists all over the world.

When using this microphone, you may need to buy a pop filter or windscreen since it tends to pick up a lot of unnecessary background noise.

This microphone is great for beginners. You can use it for recording your rap vocals as well as podcasts. The [amazon link=”B0007NQH98″ title=”MXL 770″ link_icon=”amazon” /] will always sound great.

The right mixer will allow you to use just about any tablet or smartphone. This microphone is a wonderful choice for users who only want to record one channel at a time.

  • It is wired with Mogami for amazing sound quality.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • The sound is warm and very clear.
  • It is made to reduce the annoying rumble.
  • It picks up background noise so it may be inappropriate for use in silent spaces.

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Video: “MXL-770 Condenser Mic Review / Test”

Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  Audio Technica AT4040.
  2. Rode NT2-A.
  3. AKG Pro Audio C214,
  4. MXL 990
  5. Rode NT1-A
  6. Neumann TLM102
  7. Audio Technica AT2020
  8. Rode NTK
  9. MXL770

How Do I Pick The Best Rap Microphone?

Here is what you should look for when picking the best rap microphone:

  • Microphone type.
  • Polar Pattern.
  • Frequency Response.
  • Sensitivity and SPL 

Should I Get A Dynamic Or Condenser Mic For Rap Vocals?

There is no correct answer to this other than, experiment, however, as a rule of thumb you should always go with a condenser microphone.

What Budget Do I Need For A Rap Microphone?

Rap microphones are available in different price ranges.

However, you can find great microphones at the $200 – $300 price range.

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There are plenty of great microphones for recording rap vocals. Your bars will never sound right if you use a poor microphone.

Regular microphones are not made to handle the movements of a rapper. We have listed a few of what we believe is the best rap microphones  under a 1000 dollar. Make your choice depending on your needs.

Now it’s over to you.

I would love to hear from you:

Which microphone you have chosen for recording rap vocals?

Also, let us know if you have some other recommendation that we can add to our list of  the best rap microphones under 1000 dollars.

Also If you found the post to be helpful feel free to share :p

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