6 Best Pedalboard Velcro Tapes

If you are a guitarist using a pedalboard, you are going to need to find some good velcro. Velcro helps to fasten your pedal down securely to your board. And, it makes sure you can play your guitar without any issues.

But, you need to make sure you get the best pedalboard velcro tape for your equipment. In this post, I’ll be talking about a few different pedalboard velcro tapes.

There are tons of options to choose from, but I’ve narrowed down the choices for your pedalboard here! Normal velcro can work okay on a pedalboard, but you want something stronger and more durable.

This is why I recommend using Velcro tape to really make sure your pedalboard is secure. So, keep reading if you want to figure out which specific brand and type of pedalboard tape is right for you!

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Velcro Brand Tape

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The first option I will be talking about is the Velcro Brand tape. If you are looking for one of the best velcro tapes for your pedalboard, Velcro Brand is your best bet. You won’t find a stronger or more durable tape on this list.

Your pedalboard and pedal will be secured expertly with this industrial-strength product. So, you won’t have to worry about applying more of this product to your equipment.

Overall, it is extremely easy to use this velcro tape. It comes in a nice size roll. And, you don’t need any additional tools or equipment to put this on your pedalboard. Just cut off a small portion of the tape and put it on your pedalboard.

[amazon link=”B00006RSP1″ title=”Velcro Brand” link_icon=”amazon” /] comes in a few different sizes, as well. But there is not a difference in the tape itself. Just pick out an option that is big enough to fit the expanse of your equipment. You can also get this tape in a white color if you don’t like black tape.

Really, there is a lot to love about this particular pedalboard tape. I wouldn’t say there are any real downsides to getting this tape. It is fairly inexpensive coming in at under twenty dollars on Amazon.

But, if you look at other websites, it can be a little more expensive to get this tape, up to 40 dollars. Usually, though, you can get Velcro brand for a reasonable price, though.

  • A very heavy duty and will not fall off your pedalboard like other products
  • Comes in a lot of different sizes, so you can find the right fit for your pedalboard
  • Good price for this Velcro tape, on sale on Amazon
  • Comes in either white or black
  • Don’t need to use any tools to attach your velcro
  • Is hard to remove from your pedalboard
  • Only comes in one color

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Donner Velcro Pedalboard Tape

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The next option I will be introducing you to is the [amazon link=”B01JIQ36DE” title=”Donner Pedalboard tape” link_icon=”amazon” /]. If you want a cheaper tape that doesn’t compromise on quality, I highly suggest this product. This won’t be as good as the Velcro Brand or other top-tier brands.

But, you can still get a lot out of this pedalboard tape. And, most importantly, it won’t fall off or melt easily. It is resistant to heat and has sturdy adhesive glue on the back.

When you are buying pedalboard tape, you want something that will last. No one wants to keep messing with their pedalboard and reapplying tape. So, getting something that will not fall off is important for your setup.

There is only one size and color for the Donner, but this will work well with any type of pedalboard. I definitely recommend giving this product a try if you are low on money. Or if you just want a good pedalboard velcro tape.

  • Very cheap option that won’t cost you a lot
  • Easy to apply and use this brand of pedalboard tape
  • Is heat resistant and won’t melt or fall off
  • Good size tape for a pedalboard
  • Only one size option for this tape
  • A little lower quality than some more expensive tapes

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Strenco Velcro Pedalboard Tape

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Strenco Pedalboard Tape is a little more expensive than the Donner Tape, but this is another solid option. This tape has a two-inch width and has fifteen feet worth of velcro tape to use.

Again, this is another easy-to-use tape that can be easily placed on a pedal and your pedalboard setup. It won’t fall off, and it gets the job done for you.

[amazon link=”B00H3R9S1K” title=”Strenco” link_icon=”amazon” /] comes in one size and color, but it has a lot of great value for people with pedalboards. If you are looking to save money and want one of the best velcro tapes for your equipment, try this product out for sure!

  • Great price for this velcro pedalboard tape
  • Can be used on all kinds of surfaces and is easy to apply to a pedalboard
  • Heavy-duty tape that is highly effective and adhesive
  • Will keep your pedal and pedalboard in place
  • Only comes in one size and one color
  • Might be a little lower quality in comparison to high-end velcro tapes

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Power Grip Velcro Pedalboard Tape

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If you want something truly powerful on your pedalboard, Power Grip can keep your pedals firmly attached. But, the adhesion doesn’t occur right away.

This is a great and cheap option for people looking for good pedalboard velcro tape. But, this tape has to sit for at least 24 hours before it will fully settle on your pedalboard. So, just keep this in mind if you want to buy the [amazon link=”B004ZKIHVU” title=”Power Grip” link_icon=”amazon” /] tape.

On the whole, I would easily recommend this to people who want velcro tape for their pedalboard. You only get one size and color option, but this is a highly reliable product that won’t ever come loose.

The tape is a little smaller in width than most other brands. But it does get the job done and won’t let your pedal fall off.

  • Great price for this pedalboard tape
  • It’s very easy to use this tape and apply it
  • Very powerful adhesion for your pedalboard
  • Only comes in one size and option
  • Takes longer to adhere to your pedalboard

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Velcro Brand Sticky Tape

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This next velcro tape is another product from Velcro Brand. Unlike the first product I mentioned, this is a much smaller tape.

You still get a lot of sticking power with this tape. But, it is not nearly as powerful as the first type of tape I talked about. But, if you want something that is cheaper and easy to remove this is probably the tape for you.

[amazon link=”B00006RSWT” title=”Velcro Brand” link_icon=”amazon” /] Sticky Tape is another easy-to-use and apply tape product. The price of this tape is also quite manageable. It comes in a few different sizes, but all the tapes are the same. You can also get this tape in up to four different colors!

There are a few different shape options, as well. But I would only recommend getting the roll option. As the other tapes might be too small for your pedalboard.

  • Reasonable price for this particular velcro tape
  • Comes in a lot of different colors and sizes
  • Works well for your pedalboard setup
  • Won’t fall off or melt so easily
  • Smaller width and less adhesion
  • It’s Not as good as the industrial-strength Velcro Brand tape

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3M Dual Lock Tape

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The final velcro tape for pedalboards I will talk about is the [amazon link=”B08R3BFZ27″ title=”3M Dual Lock” link_icon=”amazon” /]. Dual Lock is a little more pricy than some of the other velcro tapes on this list. But if you want high-quality tape for your pedalboard I would definitely go with this option.

It comes in a ton of different sizes, all of them are the same exact tape and adhesion level. The grip of the velcro on this product is especially good. So, your tape won’t fall off.

And, it definitely won’t melt off from your pedalboard. Next to the Velcro Brand tape, I would say this is the next best option for your equipment.

  • High-quality velcro tape for pedals boards
  • Your pedals won’t fall off or become loose
  • Nice range of size options for this tape
  • Easy to use and apply this product
  • Price for the tape might be a little expensive for some people
  • Only one color option

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Which Side of The Velcro Goes on The Pedalboard?

There is some debate about which side of the velcro goes on your pedalboard.

Really as long as your equipment isn’t slipping off the pedalboard you should be fine.

But a lot of people recommend putting the fuzzy side of the velcro (loop side), on the pedalboard. The hard part can go on your pedal.

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Getting a velcro pedalboard tape for your equipment is crucial. You don’t want to have your pedals falling off your board as you play. Still, it can be hard to find the right product.

In this post, I talked about many great velcro tapes for your pedalboard. But, in particular,

I recommend going with the first option I talked about, the Velcro Brand tape. Not only do you get the best adhesion and quality. You also get the best value for a very reasonable price.

Velcro Brand tape is industrial strength tape that really keeps your board secure!

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