9 Best Microphones For Female Vocals In 2023

Female vocals have a wide range of tones and sounds that are distinct from male artists. In some cases, males and females can sing in the same range.

However, generally, there are differences that require some adjustment in the sound booth and with recording equipment.

In order to make the best music you want to have the right microphone equipment. You want the best microphone for female vocals.

This is especially true if you are recording professional music.

In this post, we’ll go over a number of microphones that are well suited to female singing parts. Each of these recording devices for females is of high quality.

Some of these products will be more expensive, others will be more budget-friendly.

Really, I have prepared a range of microphones so you can make the best choice for yourself!

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Sennheiser e935 

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The [amazon link=”B000N94RP2″ title=”Sennheiser 3935″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is the first microphone I will be introducing on my list.

This handheld mic is compact, lightweight, and it handles female vocals great! Really, it has everything you need in a mic.

It has a nice sturdy build that keeps it from getting damaged easily. It also has a big frequency range that is suited to live performances.

It helps to isolate sounds through its design and cardioid pattern as well.

So, whether you are doing live gigs as a female artist, or recording in a studio, you will find plenty to like about this product’s performance.

This is one of the best microphone products I can recommend for female vocalists. The price is not too steep like some microphone products.

But the quality is still good enough to record clear and professional music.

  • A good price point for the Sennheiser Handheld
  • This microphone comes with a warranty that lasts for a decade
  • The mic is also super sturdy and is resistant to scratches and damage
  • Keep sounds isolated and won’t pick up other voices
  • Good sound quality from this mic and good range for female vocalists
  • Not the most ideal microphone for a studio setup though
  • Does not have any Bluetooth capabilities

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Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone Package

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The next microphone for female vocals is better suited for a studio setting.

It has better sound isolation and comes equipped with a pop shield. This condenser has a higher price tag than the Sennheiser.

But this is worth your money if you want to upgrade your studio setup. Really, you want something that is professional and can handle all kinds of sounds.

The [amazon link=”B002QAUOKS” title=”Rode NT1-A” link_icon=”amazon” /] condenser microphone is great at picking up high pitches in female voices. It also works great with live instruments like guitars.

Really, this is a versatile mic that offers you a lot of value. The price is not outrageously expensive. But you are spending just enough to get yourself a studio-grade product.

I can’t recommend this microphone for female vocals more.

This is another contender for the best microphone for female vocals. The sound quality is amazing with this mic and isolates your voice so that not much outside noise is heard.

And with it’s accommodating twenty-foot cord you won’t have trouble moving around your studio.

The attention to detail in the design of the mic is also something to take note of.

  • Very high-quality condenser mic for female vocals
  • Has a good range that can pick up all types of vocals
  • Made of sturdy material and is of a studio grade
  • Price is not totally out of reach for beginner artists
  • Sound isolating technology used with a cardioid pattern
  • This mic is on the pricy side for some people
  • Requires batteries that are not included with mic
  • Not really suited for live music performances, it is really made for a studio

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Neumann TLM 102 MT

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The [amazon link=”B003HGJAL4″ title=”Neumann TLM 102 MT” link_icon=”amazon” /] Condenser Mic is another option for female vocals in a studio setting.

This next product is definitely on the expensive side when it comes to microphones.

But if you are looking to invest more in your music career or hobby, the Neumann is a great condenser mic.

The clarity with this particular mic is unmatched really. In fact, the quality of this mic can even be compared to higher-end microphones.

So you really get a lot of value out of this device.

Most music producers and artists praise the naturalistic recording abilities of the Neumann. Voices really sound good and the full range of a voice can be heard well.

This is especially true with regard to females voices.The range capabilities of the Neumann capture recordings from female singers perfectly.

In addition, the small size of this microphone is convenient. You can easily set this Neumann mic up in any part of your studio.

It comes with a stand and it does not take up a lot of space. Again, this is another great contender for the best microphone for female vocals.

It also comes in two different versions. You have a black version and a nickel colored version. The microphone equipment is identical. Only the color is different.

  • Very clear recording with this condenser mic
  • A great range for female vocals in the studio
  • A very high-quality product that is hard to match
  • Nice size with this mic so it does not take up much space
  • Perfect microphone for female vocals
  • Another very pricy mic, this one goes over the 500-dollar mark
  • Only suited for a studio setting, not made for live performances

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[amazon box=”B000S5JKRQ”]

The [amazon link=”B000S5JKRQ” title=”AGK D5″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is more suited for live performances, but it can be used in a studio setting as well.

This mic is not the best product you can get for female vocals. But it does get the job done, and it comes in at a much lower price.

In fact, you can purchase this mic for under one-hundred dollars. You won’t have the most amazing sound quality of course.

But there are some great features with this particular microphone.

One of the big advantages of this device is the Bluetooth connectivity. The AKG does not have any wires and instead connects wirelessly.

This is perfect if you have a smaller studio space and don’t want to tangle it up in wires.

AGK is not difficult to use, and it is easy to hold and keep in your hands as you sing. Some mics can be uncomfortable or get slippery during a performance. But this is not the case with the AGK.

Many live performers like this product actually. Not only because it has a good range for female vocals. But also because it doesn’t create a lot of echoes. It has good sound insulation for the price.

  • Good budget option for female vocalists
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities so you won’t have a mess of wires to deal with
  • Won’t create much distortion or echoes
  • A good range for female singers
  • Great if you want to sing in a live setting
  • A cheap mic that might not be a good fit for professional studios
  • Not the best microphone you will find for female singers

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Shure BETA 87A

[amazon box=”B0002BACBO”] [amazon link=”B0002BACBO” title=”Shure Beta 87A” link_icon=”amazon” /] is one of the go-to mics for live performers.

The Beta is also strong and meant to last through your years and years of use. It’s a pretty basic type of recording device of course.

But you cannot go wrong with this handheld mic product, especially as a female vocalist.

Really, the Shure Beta has ideal sound quality and offers a good range of frequencies for all types of singers.

You can get this device in the cardioid or the supercardioid design. These two options are the same price.

The only difference is that the super-cardioid offers more sound isolation and will block out outside noises better.

Overall, this is another option for female vocalists to consider when looking for a great mic. Still, I recommend this product more for a live setting as opposed to a studio setting.

  • Two options provided for this mic one has better sound insolation
  • Not a bad price for this type of mic with these capabilities
  • Nice design and color for the Shure Beta
  • Really this is one of the best mics for a live performance
  • Another mic that fits female vocal ranges well
  • Might not be the best microphone if you are in a studio
  • Not great with super high pitches

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Warm Audio WA-47

[amazon box=”B078J28H56″]

The [amazon link=”B078J28H56″ title=”Warm Audio WA-47″ link_icon=”amazon” /] microphone is one of the most expensive microphones for female vocals I will talk about.

This high-performance mic is specially tailored to professionals in the music industry. And it will not disappoint in terms of sound quality and clarity.

This is an older fashion design and will have a bigger diaphragm than most modern mics. But the quality of the mic and its sound is not diminished in the slightest because of this.

Really, you want to consider purchasing this Warm Audio Microphone if you are serious about making your music.

Not everyone can afford to get this mic of course. And beginner female vocalists might want to try out a more basic mic probably.

At least until they are more confident in their craft. However, if you know that you are going to be singing professionally, I really recommend going with this product!

You won’t find a better microphone for your studio sessions!

  • Perfect for a studio setup and professional level singers
  • Great design that looks visually appealing in studios
  • Another ideal option for female vocals
  • A great range from this microphone
  • Some of the best clarity in a studio microphone
  • Not a great budget item or an item for beginners
  • Not suited to live performances

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Fifine USB Microphone

[amazon box=”B06XCKGLTP”]

Shifting gears now, the [amazon link=”B06XCKGLTP” title=”Fifine USB Mic” link_icon=”amazon” /] is more suited for singers who are just starting out. This is the mic for you if you are a female artist dipping your toes into the singing world.

For more professional artists you should probably go with a product that has more range and versatility.

But if you are trying to save money or are new to singing this is an okay mic to start with.

The Fifine USB mic is not hard to set up and only requires you to plug it in through a USB. This is especially useful for a home studio.

This won’t be the best mic you can get. But it does function well and it has the range and clarity you need as a female vocalist.

In addition, this mic is very sturdy so you shouldn’t have any issues if you drop it.

  • Nice Budget option for beginners
  • Offers USB compatibility so fewer wires involved
  • Two different color options for this mic
  • Good for a small home studio setup
  • Pretty durable design on this microphone
  • Not meant for professional-level recording
  • Not meant to be used during live performances
  • Not as dynamic in terms of sound capabilities

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Rode K2

[amazon box=”B0002PSCQ2″]

The Rode Condenser Mic will create some of the most vibrant sounds when recording vocals.

If you have a deep and rich voice this is a purchase you will want to make. The [amazon link=”B0002PSCQ2″ title=”Rode K2″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is great at making female voices sound amazing and even better.

This is a really special studio mic that has a lot of range and quality. You won’t find this kind of sound quality for female singers in many other recording products.

Of course, you will have to pay quite a bit of money to get this kind of quality in a studio-grade product. But I think this is well worth the price for serious female vocalists.

Rode also uses cardioid and omni patterns to keep your voice well isolated. This way you are the focus of the recording, not other outside sounds.

Overall this is another great option for female singers and any studio singer in general!

  • Good for deep rich tones in a female voice
  • Nice design that keeps vocals clear and precise
  • Really enhances voices and makes vocals stand out
  • Beautiful color and design for this mic
  • Perfect for a studio setting
  • Not the best choice for a live music gig
  • This could be too pricy for some female vocalists

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MXL 990

[amazon box=”B0002GIRP2″]

The last microphone for female vocalists I will discuss here is the MXL Condenser Microphone. This microphone is on the larger side in comparison to other mics for female singers.

Still, it offers a lot in terms of sound and quality, especially if you are trying to save some money.

Furthermore, the [amazon link=”B0002GIRP2″ title=”MXL 990″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is well priced, but not so dirt cheap that it will break down on you. In fact, this is a fairly solid microphone that works great in a studio.

The sound quality could be better of course. But for basic recording, it does a good job. Your vocals will sound clear, and a range of tones will be heard when you play back your recording!

MXL comes with a stand and a case to put in as well. Female vocalists who like to record away from home will also benefit from this small mic.

On the whole, the sound and the capabilities of this mic are nothing to scoff at.

MXL does not beat more luxurious mics. But this product does offer you what is required for a great studio mic!

  • Good price for the MXL Condenser Mic
  • Can record vocals and instruments well with this
  • Will pick up female vocal ranges well
  • MXL is great for studio sessions
  • Has good sound quality with great clarity and a nice range of sound
  • Not made for a live setting
  • This might not be the best product for more serious female vocalists

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Why You Need A High-Quality Microphone For Female Vocals

Quality microphones are important regardless of the gender of a singer. In truth, all musicians need high performing and reliable recording tools to make music.

Especially if you are making professional music.

You don’t want delays in production. And you don’t want your voice to sound static or unclear. This will reflect poorly on you and your abilities as an artist.

Really, you need to consider getting the best equipment for yourself. You do not always have to spend hundreds of dollars on a microphone to get a quality product.

But you do need to be prepared to make an investment in your microphone to create music worth sharing.

In addition, when considering the range of female vocals, you want a microphone that can handle your voice. Women have a sizable and nuanced singing range.

So cheap products won’t cut it. Again, you need the best microphone for female vocals.

How To Find The Best Microphone For Female Vocals

When trying to find the best microphone for female vocals, or any vocals, you want to keep a few things in mind. Quality microphones all share similar characteristics.

I will go over these characteristics here in the section of the post. You want to be on the lookout for certain features.

This way you get what you want out of your microphone!

Frequency Range

Above all else, you want your microphone to have a good range of frequency. If your microphone can not pick up different tones and ranges in your voice it will be next to useless to you.

This isn’t to say that you need the most expensive microphone out there.

But you do need something that is sensitive enough to pick up all the nuances of your voice. Your vocals will only sound good when you can record everything you are trying to convey with your voice.

So keep this in mind.

The frequency of your microphone should not only be vast in order to have good sound though. You also need to have a mic that records clearly.

If your mic pics up other sounds, or just can’t pick up vocals well in general your music will sound bad.

So get a mic with great clarity. Most of the mics on this list provide you with this much-needed feature!

In addition, make sure the sound isolation is good on your mic. You want something that has a cardioid pattern, or more than one pattern.

This way outside sound is blocked from the mic and only your voice is heard.


Lastly, make sure you are getting a microphone that is sturdy and well built. This goes without saying, but you don’t want to buy a device that is flimsy and cheap.

A lot of microphones can be bought for next to nothing in terms of price. You could go with these microphones, but your voice won’t sound as good.

In addition, the likelihood that they will break is much higher.

You do not have to spend large sums of money to find a good sturdy mic. But you do need to spend a little to get something worth your money.

So make sure you are picking a strong and durable mic that won’t fall apart after a few uses.

Going with a brand you have heard of can be a good option. But most of the mics on my list are pretty well priced and are known to last.

So you won’t have to worry too much about this when you choose your mic!

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As a female vocalist, you should not settle for low-quality microphones when making music. In truth, you need the best microphone for female vocals.

This way you make the music you want and can succeed in recording your voice well.

You want to consider every aspect of your microphone when making your choice.

Clarity, the range of frequency, and durability are some of the key features to think about when buying your microphone.

However, I went over a number of great products that possess the necessary qualities you need to record your voice. So you should not have to search very hard to find a microphone that fits with your vocals.

So, hopefully, you have the information you need now and can get your microphone.

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