11 Best Microphone Boom Arms (2023 Reviews)

Are you fed-up with the shock-related noise in the recordings? Do you require more space on your desk? Are you tired of holding one position? Well, worry not as microphone boom arm is here to your rescue.

Boom arms are generally attached to desks with the help of clamp grips present at their base. Then, you can swivel it around, adjust the direction it is pointing at, and its height. You can just keep adjusting it until you find your desired recording position.

When you use boom arms you will not have to stay in the same position throughout the recording session. Also, the effect of shock-related noise that may reach your microphone will be minimized.

Usually, these are caused due to your knee accidentally hitting on the desk, or when you type on the keyboard.

Just like other recording gears, there are many boom arms available in the market. But, if you want to enjoy the best results you need to use the finest device.

And, to make your search easier, below are recommended 11 best microphone boom arms that you may consider choosing from.

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InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Arm Stand

[amazon box=”B07V2FJL54″]

This microphone stand is crafted of the finest cast material which is sturdier compared to many other stands in the market.

What makes the InnoGear Arm Stand different from its counterparts is that all its springs are internal and its maximum bearing capacity is 3.5 lbs. So, without the slightest issues, you can hold about 3 Blue Yeti using this device.

The InnoGear microphone stand is also versatile and adjustable. You will easily be able to adjust the angle and its position. It is a perfect choice for radio and podcasting.

The table clamp base of the InnoGear microphone stand has been created with a side screw. This will keep your stand firmly tight on your desk always. And, the sponge at its base will keep your table protected from any scratches whenever you swivel it.

Apart from this small InnoGear microphone stand (single stand length 14-inches), you can also opt for the large InnoGear microphone stand (single stand length 19-inches).

  • Sturdy and strong
  • Reasonably priced
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • The clip that it comes with, to attach to the desk or shelves, appears small to some people
  • Some people find the arm a little stiff

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Tonor T20 Microphone Boom Arm

[amazon box=”B082W4B7SX”]

Both broadcasters and vocalists can make use of this microphone stand. It will make the recording of acoustic instruments a lot easier.

This microphone stand, instead of sitting on the floor or top of any desk, sits on a boom arm. This arm easily can be clipped onto the side of your desk. And then, you can articulate the arm and change its direction and height.

Also, this microphone stand comes with four table ties which will help minimize clutter. There even is a pop filter that will reduce sibilance and popping, and then you also have a microphone clip.

You so long must be of the notion that there cannot be any perfect hybrid solution for broadcasters and musicians. But you will be glad to learn this microphone does indeed get very close to it.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes with four table ties to minimize desk clutter
  • Helps make recording a lot easier
  • Setting it up can take a little time
  • Some people report microphone clip breakage after a few uses

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Rode PSA 1 Professional Studio Boom Arm

[amazon box=”B001D7UYBO”]

Rode PSA 1 is a fantastic boom arm for studios, radio, broadcast, and home use. This boom arm offers a great vertical reach of 840 mm, and its horizontal reach is 820 mm. It even offers a complete 360-degree rotation.

The boom arm comes with Velcro cable wraps and also it has desk insert and desk clamp attachments. This will help you mount it to desks that are up to 70 mm (insert) or 55 mm (clamp).

The PSA 1 easily supports most microphones that weigh between 700 g and 1.1 kg, and this includes the shock mount.

  • Comes with Velcro cable wraps to properly secure cables
  • Swivels in both directions
  • Desk mountable
  • Quality control on the arms may deteriorate with usage
  • Top arm may scratch and grind with metal to metal contact and make a displeasing noise

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Vivo Black Height Adjustable Pneumatic Spring Microphone Arm Mount

[amazon box=”B07GNTNPMJ”]

This microphone stand comes with a steel pole and a mount that has been designed for maximum stability, scratch resistance, and durability for your equipment setup. It easily supports weight up to 2.69 grams.

It comes with a pneumatic spring arm that has been created for smooth and fast adjustment. So, using it you will be able to adjust the height of your microphone very easily. The arm can extend up to 17-inches, thus ensuring a lot of space to create your desired setup.

The Vivo microphone stand even offers a 180-degree swivel and 90 -degree tilt and thus ensures comfortable working angles. And, this will enhance your presentation.

Owing to this feature, you can use this stand for studio performances, office presentations, educational lectures, and a lot more.

The sturdy C-clamp of this stand enables you to fasten this microphone stand securely to various surfaces including tables, podiums, and desks.

  • Sturdy C-clamp ensures secure fastening to various surfaces
  • Offers a 180-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt
  • Pneumatic spring arm ensures fast and smooth adjustment
  • Rotating the parts may need a little force
  • It is heavy

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Eastshining Professional Mic Stand

[amazon box=”B076ZKGZ5X”]

This Eastshining set is an amazing option for singers and actors who desire to achieve the best possible performances. You can easily use it for almost every microphone in the market. Since it is portable, you can even carry it with you wherever you go without any inconvenience.

The entire unit is crafted using durable iron and it helps resist rust and corrosion. Even installation is easy and takes just a few minutes and no efforts at all.

The Eastshining Booms Scissor Arm Stand has a metallic base and it ensures stability when you place your microphone. At the bottom, there is a slip pad that helps prevent it from creating any noises or scratches.

The height of the device can be adjusted to match your requirements perfectly well. You can even keep the arm stand fixed using some screws and thus ensuring tightness and safety.

For sure, this is a good option for solo artists, broadcasting, podcasting, and other occasions.

Apart from this stand with adapter, Eastshining has two other options for you – only a stand and a pop filter.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Foldable and portable
  • Has a sturdy and heavy-duty design
  • Brackets might easily slip
  • Boom has a spring sound that may be picked up by the mic

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Neuma Professional Microphone Stand with Pop Filter

[amazon box=”B07JHCL3KS”]

This desk mic stand is ideal for broadcasting and technical recording work. The stand is heavier compared to various other cheap mic stands.

This shows it has a good load-bearing capacity and thus proves it is strong enough and can support any heavy mics. Pop filter even helps avoid any noises during recording.

The package includes a table clamp that keeps your furniture protected with its dual soft mat. Also, there is a microphone clip that can be used with traditional dynamic microphones.

  • Has a good load-bearing capacity
  • Dual soft mat keeps your table protected
  • Pop filter reduces the chance of noises during recording
  • Clamp metal is not very strong
  • Mic arm collapses at times

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Neewer Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand with Boom Arm

[amazon box=”B06XD9CGB5″]

Neewer Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand is one of the best microphone boom arms for podcasts, broadcasts, and live performances. Using it, you easily will be able to position your microphone at the ideal distance and height.

You can use it for recording podcasts, radio shows, screencasts, and video chats. Its height ranges from 15.35 – 21.25 inches.

It comes with nice-looking knobs that will make sure your microphone stays stable and always positioned at your desired distance.

The T-handle adjustment has been provided for safe boom positioning. So, basically, there is not really anything you need to worry about then using this microphone stand.

  • T-handle provides secure boom position
  • You can use it for podcasts, live shows, and broadcasts
  • Knobs keep your microphone stable
  • If the mic is too heavy, it might fall over
  • The boom is not removable

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Neewer Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

[amazon box=”B00DY1F2CS”]

With a max microphone clip diameter of 1.26 inches, the Neewer Adjustable Microphone Arm Stand is compatible with almost every mic.

The stand comes along with a little black adapter. You can detach a piece of it and it comes with the right size that can be screwed easily into the bottom of your Yeti.

Its scissor arm stand is crafted using a good-quality steel frame. And, despite this arm stand being foldable, it is highly durable. Since it is foldable, you can easily carry it with you wherever you please.

The stand even comes with table mounting clamp and thus you will be able to record voiceovers without any issues. Movement with this mic stand is smooth and solid and after the moving joints have been locked, it is quite sturdy.

  • With its mounting clamp, you can easily mount the stand to some flat surface.
  • Compatible with almost every mic
  • Designed using high-quality material
  • The mounting clip is not of high-quality
  • The sponge pad of the clamp may slip and move

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Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

[amazon box=”B07NFS9MJX”]

Though small in size, this gator Frameworks mic stand works amazingly well. The stand has been weighted to minimize movement and to offset your microphone on-stand weight.

The design and size of the stand will ensure the microphone stays right in front of your mouth and will not block your desktop monitor. As it is not attached to your desk physically, you can put it away to create an attractive look.

If you do not require anything as big as traditional swivel stands then a desktop weighted base stand makes a great choice. It even proves helpful if you have a big desktop setup and your mounted stand’s arms hit your monitor.

Apart from the Deluxe Weighted Base stand, you can opt for the weighted base, or the tripod base as well.

  • Weighted and thus ensures minimal movement
  • Microphone stays in front of the mouth and your monitor does get blocked
  • Good choice if you do not need the big swivel stands
  • Grip and the base adjustment handle are in the same direction, making adjustment difficult
  • Does not have a good balance

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InnoGear Microphone Stand Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

[amazon box=”B07X1ZWS2H”]

This InnoGear microphone kit comes with a double-braced arm microphone stand, an anti-vibration shock mic, and a dual-layered professional wind pop filter. It has holders both for a condenser mic and a dynamic mic. Also, it has Velcro ties for managing your cords.

If you are in the search of the best microphone boom arms then your search ends with this InnoGear stand. It is an awesome stand for gaming, music, podcasting, or recording.

The shock mount of InnoGear Boom Scissor Arm Stand comes with a plastic adapter. So, if the metal one does not suit your needs, you can temporarily replace it with the plastic one.

The max diameter of the microphone clip is 1.10-inches. It is suitable for any families, stores, stage, studios, TV stations, broadcasting, and more.

  • Great combo for actors and singers who want to give an outstanding performance
  • Comes with an extra plastic shock mount adapter
  • Has holders for both condenser and a dynamic mic
  • Does not work with the Blue Yeti
  • Difficult to place some of the joints correctly

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Nasum Adjustable Microphone Stand

[amazon box=”B07WT23HP2″]

This desk mic stand has all items necessary for live sound and studio recording, thus making it one of the best microphone boom arms. It is compatible with all types of mics including Shure and Blue Yeti.

Only high-quality materials have been used to design this mic arm stand and make it strong and long-lasting. It has reinforced spring which will keep your microphones safe from drop or vibration. And, thanks to its adjustable design, it is fit for various heights.

The two pop filters Of Nasum microphone stand ensure great quality sound. It also has two microphone clips – one standard size and one small. You can use the small clip in small or mini size microphones. While the standard one is fit for any general dynamic handheld mics.

  • Comes with two microphone clips – small and standard
  • Has two pop filters that ensure amazing sound quality
  • Designed using the best quality materials
  • Some people find the mic stand unsteady
  • Not ideal for XLR condenser mics

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While making a selection for microphone stand one very important thing you need to remember is to never opt for the cheapest one. Just as the price is low its quality too will be, well, low.

It is not an issue to opt for a budget-friendly stand. But, if you have to spend a little extra to get a better one, it will be wise to do so. After all, you will not be spending on microphone stands every other day.

Since you want it to last and want to enjoy the best results, you must make a careful choice. And now that you are aware of the 11 best microphone boom arms it surely will be super easy for you to select the right one.

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