6 Best Guitar Amps Under $50 in 2023

Guitar amps are a crucial part of your guitar setup! These devices help project sound and let you get creative with your instrument.

So, you want to have the best amp to go along with your electric guitar. Still, not every guitar player will have the budget to get a high-end amp.

This is especially true if you are new to guitar playing and want to try out an amp for the first time. You might not be inclined to buy the most expensive amp out there.

So, in this post, I will be talking about some great budget friendly amps for guitars. These are some of the best guitar amp products for under 50 dollars.

I’ll talk about a number of products here and will be reviewing them. This way you can find the best guitar amp under 50 for yourself!

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Lyxpro 20-Watt Amp

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The first guitar amp I will be talking about is the Lyxpro amp. This amp is just under fifty dollars and offers a lot of value to guitar players. It is a 20-watt amp that can project powerful sound.

The sound that comes out of this amp is crisp and clear. This is true whether you play guitar on it or hookup other devices or instruments. You can even play music on this amp when you have get together.

In addition, [amazon link=”B07VP61N9F” title=”Lyxpro” link_icon=”amazon” /] is compact and easy to carry around and adjust. It’s not the smallest amp around, but it is portable enough to bring to a gig or band practice.

This device also has protective rubber that will prevent damage and scratching!

Overall, this is a great option for beginners. The price is good and you get an amazing range of colors with this amp. There are up to six different color options.

There is also an option for an amp that is larger and louder. The Lyxpro 40-watt amp is a little more powerful. But, this option is over 50 dollars. So, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to save money with a budget amp!

Still, with the 20-watt amp option, you get a lot out of this device. And, it is great for people who are just getting in to the guitar! So definitely consider getting the 20-watt Lyxpro amp!

  • Plenty of color options for this amp and great for beginners
  • Has an aux hookup
  • Well made and not to bulky or heavy
  • Great for electric guitars sound wise
  • Very easy to control and adjust sound and tone on this device
  • Other versions of this product are not under 50 dollars
  • More veteran guitar players might want something a little more higher end

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RockBurn Amp

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The RockBurn Amp is a ten-watt amp that is ideal for heavier music. You can control everything on this device from treble, to bass, to volume. It also has an outlet for an aux cord.

[amazon link=”B002S0NOUS” title=”RockBurn” link_icon=”amazon” /] is an efficient and powerful amp that gets the job done.

So, if you want something with power and high-quality sound this is another great option for guitar players.

Other genres can also be played on this amp, as well. But if you are looking for something that can handle heavier sounds,

I recommend this brand. It is very easy to use, and it doesn’t weight too much. But it does have some feedback present.

So, if you are looking for a crystal-clear clean tone, this might not be the right amp for you. Still, this is a quality choice and another great budget amp I highly recommend!

  • Great price for this amp
  • Powerful sound that works well with heavy rock music
  • Plenty of adjustability with this amp
  • Well build amp that is very easy to use and transport
  • Sometimes can hear a little bit of feedback with this amp
  • Not great for people who want a clean tone for their guitar

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Fender Mini Twin 65 Amp

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The [amazon link=”B076X28H9S” title=”Fender Mini Twin 65″ link_icon=”amazon” /] Amp has a nice clear tone to it. I recommend it for all kinds of genres.

This includes smoother jazz and even country blues.

Really, you can do a lot with this amp. And, best of all, it is powered by a battery. So, it is perfect for on the go playing!

Fender is a great brand to go with. And, if you can’t afford their larger amps, you can really get a lot out of this amp.

  • Great tone and sound with this guitar amp, has a vintage
  • Crisp and clear tone that matches with many playing styles
  • Easy to transport and use this amp for guitars
  • Portable and runs on a battery pack
  • This is not the most sturdy fender amp out there
  • Not that loud and not that well suited for people that want a more powerful amp

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Aroma Portable Guitar Amp

[amazon box=”B01IEXGZAI”]

The portable Aroma amp is another budget amp you should consider buying for yourself.

This is a highly compact amp that runs off of battery power. It has a 5-watt output and can be quit loud even considering the size of it.

The tone of this guitar amp is not as crisp as some of the other products on this list. But if you are looking for something that is small and powerful, I highly recommend this option.

You can play with this [amazon link=”B01IEXGZAI” title=”aroma amp” link_icon=”amazon” /] for up to six hours on a full charge. And you do get some tone adjustment with this amp.

Though it is very limited in comparison to other products on this list. This is a great budget amp and it comes at a lower cost than some of the other amps.

But if you are looking for something more robust and powerful, I would suggest going with one of the other amp options I talked about. If you want something easy to travel and move around with this is a great choice, though.

  • Nice portable option that is lightweight and easy to move
  • Has an output of 10 watts
  • Easy to adjust the sound and tone of this guitar amp how you want
  • One of the best amps for traveling
  • Comes with a clip so you can attach it to yourself as you play
  • You don’t get a power adaptor with this option though
  • You will need to recharge this amp to play it
  • Tone range of this amp is not as versatile as other products

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Amazon Basics Amp

[amazon box=”B0825LBTNM”]

The next amp I will be talking about today is the Amazon basics amp. This is a mid-size seven-inch amp that can be used with your guitar or other instruments.

It has a ton of adjustability and has a large range frequency that is ideal for guitar players. This amp runs of batteries, but can also be plugged into a power adaptor that comes with the amp.

This five-watt amp is another solid choice for new guitar players and guitar players that want an affordable amp. The sound quality and tone of this amp is also better than most amps that are battery powered.

Many of the reviewers who bought the [amazon link=”B0825LBTNM” title=”amazon basics amp” link_icon=”amazon” /] praised its performance and durability.

So, overall I would say this is a very sturdy and high-quality choice for a guitar player. You’ll get a lot of use out of this product. And, you even get a one-year warranty with this amp.

So, if anything goes wrong with it you can get your money back or get the amp replaced!

  • Great price for this amp
  • Good size and not hard to move around and travel with
  • Great sound quality and tone
  • Can be adjusted to your style of playing
  • Comes with a one-year warranty as well
  • Small amp that might not be suited to all guitar players
  • Runs off a battery so you might have to replace to this part when it dies

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Fender Mini Tonemaster Battery Powered

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The final budget amp I will be talking about today is the  Fender Mini Tonemaster. This device is the perfect compact amp. If you are looking to travel with an amp this is a great choice.

Or, if you just need an amp that can be moved around easily, this is one of the best options.

However, be aware that the [amazon link=”B000LPSNRQ” title=”Fender Mini Tonemaster” link_icon=”amazon” /] amp is not that powerful.

Unlike some of the other amps on this list, Fender only uses around a watt of power. So, you won’t get to jam with max output when using this device.

Still, the tone and precision of this device is unmatched. You get really great sound quality, as expected of Fender.

The tonemaster has a little more adjustability in terms of sound and comes in yellow color. It also has a small speaker stacked on top.

Overall, this is a great option if you are looking to downsize and want some simple yet high-quality.

  • Ideal for travel and transport
  • High quality amp that has a lot to offer
  • Very crisp and clear sound
  • Amp might be too small for some guitar players
  • Lower power output and sound in comparison to other amps

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Buying Guide For Budget Amp Products

When buying an amp on a budget, you want to consider a few different points. Amps need to be high-quality even if you are buying one on a budget.

So, in this final section of the post I will talk about how you can get a good budget amp for yourself.

To start with, you want something that is adjustable and easy to use. Your amp should have several knobs on it. These will help you change the volume and tone of your guitar as you play.

This is important so that you can try out a variety of sounds on your instrument.

In addition, you want something with power. You don’t have to get a super powerful amp. But, you want something that can project sound well and clearly.

Really, any amp you get should have a nice crisp tone that makes your guitar sound good. And, make sure to get something that is sturdy and well made. This way you don’t have to buy a new amp all the time.

It isn’t always easy finding a high-quality amp at this price point. But the amps I introduced today should work well for your purposes and meet these requirements!

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I talked about many different amp products in today’s post. You want a high-quality amp to play your music on, but you probably don’t want to break the bank trying to get a great amp. That’s why I introduced some great budget items in today’s post.

All of the options mentioned were under 50 dollars and are perfect for anyone who is looking to save money. You will have a lot to think about when buying your first amp, or your next amp for your guitar. However, I do recommend going with my first suggestion.

Not only is the [amazon link=”B07VP61N9F” title=”Lyxpro 20-watt amp” link_icon=”amazon” /] extremely affordable, but it offers the best quality.

This is a substantial amp that is powerful, compact and perfect for all kinds of instruments. It also comes in different color options.

So, definitely look at this amp if you want the best guitar amp under 50!

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