5 Best Bass Headphone Amps In 2023

If you want to take your live performances to another level, you need to get the best bass headphone amp.

Getting a good bass headphone amp will help you in improving your bass. You can practice your bass with headphones and can plug it in the phone as well.

I understand that plugging in your bass to a large amplifier becomes inconvenient at times. You want to look for something that could be dealt with quickly.

A little unit like a headphone amp makes it easy to keep up with your music exercises even at odd hours and odd places.

You are on the road and bothered about your bass?

You will be no more. Headphone amps are best in situations when you want to practice your bass a bit before performing. Plug in the bass amp to the musical instrument and then to the headphones.

Many good quality bass headphone amplifiers are available, which provides you with a clear understanding of the actual thing.

You can easily keep up with your routine of music without having the restriction of a larger amplifier.

I will review some of the best bass headphone amps in this article. Stick to the end to pick a good match for yourself.

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VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

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This headphone amplifier is available in a variety of options. You can get it in the bass, AC30, Blues, clean, lead, classic rock, and metal. All of them are available with different features and different prices.

The Bass one is the best for low-frequencies, which offers an extensive range of responses.

Having 3 amp modes with almost 9 selectable effects. The plug is rotatable at 180 degrees, which adds convenience. It has an AUX input.

The best feature with which this product stands out among the rest is its battery life. The aluminum Oxygen battery works 17 hours consecutively.

What else do you need?

  • It weighs just 3.04 ounces, which means it is super portable.
  • It has an Auto Power off feature, which plays a vital role in longer battery life.
  • Unbelievably fantastic sound quality, it is worth the price.
  • The material it uses to build this product is very cheap, so you should handle it carefully.

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Kithouse B6 Guitar Headphone Amp

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These headphones must be there in your play kit. The primary thing to look for in an amplifier is the output volume delivered by that amplifier.

Regarding that, this mini amplifier has 1/4″ (6.35mm) input, 1/8″ (3.5mm) output, which is designed for headphones and speakers. The output volume of the guitar can be adjusted using its VOL switch.

Another essential thing to consider is the battery of the amplifier. This Kithouse B6 mini amplifier has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. What else does a bassist need?

Without good connectivity, what would a bassist do? It feels like the amplifier is useless without a good connectivity option.

When that is the case, Kithouse came with a B6 guitar amplifier which can be connected via Bluetooth. Its Bluetooth range is 16 to 33 feet.

You can get 5 different effects with this super cool amplifier. It is suitable for bass, electric guitar or an electric acoustic guitar and many other musical instruments.

  • Easily rechargeable with quite a good battery life.
  • Connect via Bluetooth, which is a great option.
  • An excellent portable amplifier with some outstanding features.
  • It does not come with a speaker
  • Not a good option for professional performances.

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Donner Bass Guitar Headphone Amp

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This fantastic bass guitar headphone amp is a crazy fit for your play kit. It delivers 1/4″ output and 1/8″ and 1/4″ (3.5mm) aux input.

The input will let you play in MP3 and CD player. It is so portable that you can pick it, carry it in your pockets, and you will be able to plug and play it anywhere.

It has a built-in lithium battery, which is rechargeable. The estimated battery life of this super fantastic mini amplifier is 5 hours. This means you can practice your bass anytime and anywhere without the stress of charging it.

It has an FX function (WAH) switch. You will have an exceptional bass guitar playing experience with it. The sound will be played on Ampeg SVT.

  • The bass is excellent, and quality is authentic.
  • The battery life and built-in battery make it convenient to use anywhere.
  • It comes with all the cables that are needed to make it a stress-free device.
  • Doesn’t work well without headphones.
  • The auto WAH feature of this amplifier does not function well.

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M-Audio Bass Traveler

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You will never see such a fantastic travel-friendly headphone amplifier again. It offers a universal connection and delivers an output of ⅛” along with a ⅛” (3.5mm) stereo input jack.

An LED indicator adds to the convenience, which indicates battery charge, power on, and low charging warnings.

The Lithium polymer battery is a long-lasting one. It has an approximate battery life of 8 hours. The battery is rechargeable which can be recharged using a Micro USB port.

It can be connected to virtually all audio equipment. High impedance headphones are compatible with it. This product will be great for you if you are addicted to listening to songs all day on your phone.

  • It produces a high-quality sound like the developer claims
  • Adds depth and richness to the sound
  • Amazingly long battery life
  • The LED indicator adds more to convenience.
  • It can work for two sets of headphones.
  • It is constructed of plastic, which is not suitable for incautious users.
  • It is not protected.

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SONICAKE US Madness Guitar Bass Headphone Amp

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This portable amplifier offers AUX input with a headphones jack. It was developed ideally for silent practicing.

It also has built-in Chorus effects, which adds more fun to the overall tone. The design is a clean tone, which is ideal both for Bass and Guitar.

It has a ⅛’ output jack, which will connect this portable device to your headphones. Several control knobs will control volume, tone, and gain.

An LED indicator displays the battery level status. The battery type is lithium, which is rechargeable via a USB cable that comes with it. Once charged using a USB cable, the amplifier will operate for 5 continuous hours.

It is your great travel mate that can even control the white noise in the background. Without distortion, you can play it for as long as you want.

  • Control knobs are adding more to convenience.
  • It is a portable amplifier and gives off a clean sound

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How Can I Choose The Best Bass Headphone Amp?

Several features should be there if you want to enjoy the high-quality bass in a portable headphone amp. Picking up any amp and connecting it to your musical instrument might damage it.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what features you should look for to get the best bass headphone amp.



Getting a portable headphone amp means you need an amp with a long-lasting battery. Also, the material of the battery should be good enough that it would last long.

The amplifiers have an average battery life of 5 hours, which can go as high as 17 hours.


Type of amp

Amplifiers are not of a single type. It has a vast range which is developed according to the specific feature it offers.

They may vary depending upon different aspects like performance outputs, bass practicing, and individual preferences.



Make sure to go with the amplifiers that are convenient regarding connectivity.

A wireless Bluetooth connection is the best in this aspect. Other options include a headphone jack connection and an AUX cable.


Control knobs

The amplifier which has control knobs is more user friendly. You can easily change whatever the tone you want and can control the volume using the knob.

There are many amps that have a single volume knob, adjusting it will result in the adjustment of other things automatically.

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In Conclusion

Choosing the best bass amp among so many options might be giving you sweats.

Selecting one is not difficult if you have a buying guide and know what you actually want from the product.

The aforementioned products are some of the best products that I have selected for you. Think about your needs a bit and select the best bass amp for yourself right now.

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