4 Best Audio Snake Cables For Studio

Music studios require a range of equipment to run and work well. Included with this music tech is a fair number of cables.

As a result of this, your home studio or professional studio space is likely filled with wires.

These cables might litter your studio area and make a mess on your floor and in other parts of your production space.

You don’t want a disorganized studio, as this can make it much harder to make music. In addition, it can be difficult to manage so many cables and their devices.

This is where audio snake cables come in. A snake cable helps simplify music-making. All your cables can be connected to one larger cable and even be controlled with it.

This device is more convenient and allows for better management of your cables. We’ll get more into studio snake cables in this article.

This way you can find the best audio snake cables for studio setups!

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Hosa Snake Cable

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The [amazon link=”B0010HCICK” title=”Hosa Snake Cable” link_icon=”amazon” /] is the first studio product we will introduce to you on our list.

Hosa makes high quality and substantial cables for studio and live music settings. This particular Hosa product might be on the expensive side.

But it is well worth your money and consideration if you want a great studio device!

The Hosa comes in two buying options. You can get the fifty-foot long cable or the twenty-five-foot long cable.

Both cables have eight channels which can be controlled through the device. The only real difference is the length of the studio cables.

So consider the size of your studio and the type of equipment you have when you are making your purchase.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Hosa Snake Cables. They are one of the best audio snake cables for studio spaces!

  • Great quality from Hosa
  • Different cables lengths to choose from
  • A sturdy device that won’t break or snap easily
  • Works in studios and is great for managing multiple mics at once
  • Reduces cable tangles and mess in your studio
  • Could be a little pricy for some people
  • Larger studios might need more channels

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Monoprice Snake Cable

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Monoprice is even pricier than Hosa. But with this product, you can plug in even more cables and have access to more channels for your audio devices.

The [amazon link=”B00DIGC69G” title=”Monoprice” link_icon=”amazon” /] has three buying options.

You can get the twelve-channel device, the six-teen channel device, or the twenty-channel device.

The more channels you have, the more cables you can plug into this studio product. So if you have a much larger studio, with tons of mics and recording equipment, this could be a good investment.

The price might stop you from getting this device, but we recommend purchasing the Monoprice if you need it.

Aside from the different number of channels, each Monoprice snake cable has the same hardware.

This is a hardy and well-made audio snake cable product that is sure to last you!

  • Great audio snake cables that are very durable
  • Multiple channels that can be simultaneously controlled
  • Has downstream and upstream connectors
  • This product comes with a warranty
  • Different options for this product
  • Could be on the expensive side for some people
  • Can be complicated to use for beginners

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Seismic Snake Cables

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Seismic Snake Cables is more of a budget-friendly option for studios. You can spend under one-hundred dollars for this cable option.

But know that you will be getting fewer channels with the Seismic.

As a result, you can only connect a smaller number of cables to this device. For a more compact home studio, this is not a bad option at all.

You can put in up to four cables and get great sound quality.

But if you have a larger studio, or own a lot of devices or cables we recommend going with some of the other products mentioned on this list.

On the whole, though, [amazon link=”B004HYEUVA” title=”Seismic Snake Cables” link_icon=”amazon” /] offers a lot of quality. Even with the cheaper price, it doesn’t compromise on its hardware and sturdiness.

It’s pretty heavy-duty and won’t get smashed or broken if its dropped or taken on the go.

In fact, this is an ideal product to take with you when you travel.

  • Can be taken out on the road and when you travel
  • This Seismic product comes with up to four channels
  • Good sound quality and helps manage cables more efficiently
  • Durable snake cables that will last a long time
  • These snake cables come with a year-long warranty
  • Not ideal for larger sized studios
  • Might not have enough channels for some studios

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Seismic Snake Cables SACB

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The final product on our list is another Seismic product. With the [amazon link=”B00IKVCVNK” title=”Seismic SACB” link_icon=”amazon” /], you get more channels and more places to plug in your audio cables.

This particular Seismic device offers up to twelve channels, and you won’t be paying much more than the previous product.

The SACB comes in at around a hundred dollars. But it’s worth the price bump if you need more channels for your studio cables.

Seismic is more heavy-duty, and can’t be moved as easily. It weighs around fourteen pounds and has cables that are up to fifty feet.

Still, this is a good choice for any studio. In addition, the sound quality is stellar, and the snake cables will work well in any professional setting.

We would say this is one of the best audio snake cables for studio setups.

  • Great price for this audio cable device
  • Quality and sturdy snake cable product
  • You get more channels with this snake cable
  • Good sound quality and makes it much easier to manage your cables
  • Can work in multiple music or studio settings
  • Large studios might want more channels
  • Not as easy to travel with this device like other Seismic devices

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Why You Need High-Quality Audio Snake Cable Products

Running all your studio equipment and making music is hard enough. You don’t need to complicate your time in the studio with faulty equipment.

In truth, every studio needs a quality audio snake cable to run smoothly.

So don’t get a cheap snake cable or one that is not up to professional standards. You want to be able to manage all your cables smoothly and easily.

And getting the best audio snake cables for studios helps with this.

Snake cables connect various audio cables and help you to manage music production much more productively!

Types of Studio Snake Cables You Can Buy

There are a few different types of audio snake cables you can purchase for your studio.

You want to make sure you are getting the right cable for your setup though.

Breakout Cables

Breakouts are one type of audio snake cable you can purchase.

This type of cable can be used in almost any musical setting. It’s particularly good for a home studio. But it also helps with controlling cables connected with mics and amps.

Audio Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes, on the other hand, are more suited for a professional studio setting. This device is more advanced and can also connect to cables in other rooms.

Typically, these devices are installed right into the wall of a studio.

D-Sub Cables

D-Subs are the final audio snake cable product we will be introducing you to. These are by far the most popular snake cable option.

They allow for the most control through a single device. You can have a multitude of channels all connected to one single wire and running through one device.

How To Choose The Best Audio Snake Cables For Studios

There are many snake cable products out there, but you want the best audio snake cables for studio spaces.

To get the right cable device, a few things should be kept in mind. First, you want to consider how many cables you have.

Some snake cable devices only have a few channels, and won’t be able to handle as many cables.

So if you have a big studio with a lot of cables go with a device that has the number of channels you need.

The cable length and strength should be considered as well. Some individuals might need longer cables or shorter cables.

And regardless of what product you get, you want a product that won’t snap or break. In addition to this, you want a snake cable that is from a good brand.

Quality audio brands offer better warranties and better-quality products overall.

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Audio snake cables are crucial for any studio setup. They help you take control of your music production and lessen the mess in your studio.

In this article, we went over some of the best audio snake cables for studios.

There are many snake cables out there. But you want to buy quality cable products for your equipment, this way you can make great music!

In addition to this, we also went over different types of cables you can buy.

Most people will only need standard snake cables. Still, whatever you end up choosing, you should have an idea of what you need to buy now!

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