6 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Bluegrass

The quality and tone of your guitar are determined by the strings you are using. Usually, professional guitarists like to go for nickel strings with a G string and a bronze finish.

I have personally tried a lot of different strings during my journey. As a result of which, today, I am capable of helping you find the best strings for bluegrass.

If you are in search of the best strings for your bluegrass acoustic guitar, then don’t worry. I came over with a guide and specs of some great strings for your guitar that you will absolutely love.

I will review some of the best acoustic strings for a guitar that will suit your needs. Interested in purchasing the best acoustic strings? Stick with me to the end.

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D’Addario EJ14 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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D’Addario guitar strings have a longer life span than most of the other strings available in the market. EJ14 are medium bottom strings having a lighter gauge, which makes them easier to play.

Their strings remain fresh and corrosion-free for really long. You will get to hear a bright, crisp, and lively tone as these strings are made with 80/20 Bronze material.

You will get high-quality sound with these strings. You can manage almost all types of playing styles on these strings.

  • The right amount of brightness is produced by these strings.
  • They maintain their tone really well for a long time.
  • These strings do not dull or stiffen easily.
  • These strings have a bit of finger squeak.

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Martin Authentic Acoustic MA240 Bluegrass-Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings

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For beginners, who are just at learning stages and need to use the guitar rigorously, these are the strings you should have in your acoustic guitar. The strings are made with steel and silk, having the highest tensile strength. The strings are wrapped with high-quality wrap wire in order to provide corrosion-resistance and tuning ability.

These are amazing bluegrass-gauge acoustic strings that brighten not only the natural tones of the guitar but also bass and mid-tones as well.

Using these Martin Authentic Acoustic strings, you can practice flat-picking, fingerpicking, or any other method you would like to practice.

These strings are great for producing a rich and bright tone. Some of the well-known professional guitarists are known to be using them in their acoustic guitars.

  • These are steel strings that are great for rigorous use.
  • These strings work perfectly fine on both vintage and new acoustic guitars.
  • These strings are a lot bright with a hint of warmth.
  • These are amazing light strings.
  • These are indeed the long-lasting strings.
  • These strings often snap in an attempt to install them.

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John Pearse Acoustic Strings Phosphor Bronze Bluegrass

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These strings work great on bluegrass acoustic guitars. Phosphor Bronze manufacturing makes these strings stand tall among them all.

Though these strings are great for all acoustic guitars, they are amazing, mainly for bluegrass Flatpicking.

If you want some woody tones with better clarity and well-balanced, warm bass, then these strings are just right for you. The better volume and excellent projection helped John Pearse strings in gaining a reputation in the world of music.

You do not have to worry about your finger getting hurt as these strings are really soft and feel smooth on the skin. Also, these strings are durable and give long-lasting tones.

You will receive these strings in a pack of three at a highly reasonable price.

  • There is low tension in the strings.
  • These strings last really long.
  • Phosphor Bronze construction ensures the high-quality amazing sound.
  • The price is quite higher than the products from most of the similar brands.
  • They are more like thinly coated strings, which can break easily.

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DR Strings Rare – Phosphor Bronze AcousticHex Core Bluegrass

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With a hexagonal high wire string core and phosphor bronze wrap wire, you can produce, bright, warm, and balanced tone using these strings on your bluegrass acoustic guitar. They work absolutely incredible.

RARE bring these strings, which are full of rich tone and work amazing on every type of acoustic guitars. If you are looking for something on that “medium” bracket, these will be the best you are going to find in the market.

These sounds definitely very nice to sustain. Though these strings might feel a little harder on your strings compared to those lighter, the sound they produce is absolutely worth the effort.

If you like to have those soft and bright tones at a very reasonable price, these strings are the right option. You will regret not having these earlier.

  • These strings produce a soft and smooth sound.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • They are a lot better than many strings available in the market.
  • RARE strings can work with any acoustic guitar.
  • They come at a very reasonable price.
  • Some people feel the strings too hard on the fingers.

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Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Phosphor Bronze Bluegrass Acoustic Strings

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These strings are made with Bronze, which is loved by those having vintage guitars. The presence of Bronze in these strings helps provide balanced highs and lows along with the slightest hint of an increase in mid-range. This makes the tone just as you want.

The phosphor bronze wire used in these strings is made with 7% zinc, 92% copper, and 1% phosphorous. The advantage of using phosphorous in making these strings is to reduce corrosion and tarnish.

You will love to hear the pleasant overtones provided by the Phosphor Bronze with nice highs and lows. The best thing about these strings is that the tones last really long when compared to similar strings of different brands.

You will get six strings in a pack, made in the US.

  • These strings sound amazing and natural.
  • Provides a lot at such a reasonable price.
  • The tones last really long.
  • You get exactly what the brand claims.
  • For some bridge pins, low E is too thick.

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Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w NANOWEB Coating

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These strings by Elixir are constructed with wrap wire of Phosphor Bronze. You will get a rich, balanced, and full-bodied tone with clarity through these strings. To give the users that uncoated feel, the strings are coated with very thin NANOWEB.

This coating is not only beneficial in a smooth user experience but also helpful in reducing corrosion. This coating also helps the strings with a longer life, unlike most other coated and uncoated brands.

Though they are costly, the ease of play and richness of tones make these strings worth the money. Almost all the versions of Elixir strings are best for what they claim.

A large number of guitarists worldwide trust this brand, and many use their strings in professional concerts. It is one of the best brands for a string that can be used for acoustic guitars.

  • The tones stay fresh for a longer time.
  • These strings produce crisp and brighter tones.
  • The tones remain consistent both in a low and high range.
  • These strings have a longer life span.
  • As these strings are thinly coated, they tend to break easily like the thin coated strings.

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Which Strings are best for Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar?

It is completely a personal choice to select the strings for your guitar. You will get different suggestions every time you ask anyone to recommend your best strings. However, there are a few factors, which make the string best to be added to your wish list.


You will see two types of strings: coated and non-coated. These strings serve differently. Even all coated strings are not the same.

The benefit of coated strings is that they prevent the metal from corrosion. The material used to coat the strings can vary. Better coating material costs more. But this makes the string worth it for long-term usage.

String Material

The string material plays an important role in determining the tons they produce. You should select the right string material to obtain those fancy effects in your tones.

Usually, strings are made with Bronze with a mixture of some other metals. The most common types of material used in string construction include Phosphor Bronze, 80/20 Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, and Nickel Bronze.


The strings can have a lighter gauge or heavy gauge. Light gauge strings are beneficial in producing clear sound. They tend to break easily and also have less volume. These are just right if you want to go for fingerpicking and to bend.

However, the heavy gauge strings have a more deep sound with high volume. They are durable and great for strumming.

Best Bluegrass acoustic strings are a combination of better material used for construction, good coating, and the right gauge. All these things combine to provide you with the best tones.

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Using my experience of so many years in this music industry, I found some of the best bluegrass acoustic guitar strings to review for you. All of the strings mentioned above are great for almost all types of acoustic guitars.

However, if you demand something extraordinary and the best among these acoustic strings, then I would recommend you to go for the D’Addario EJ14 strings. These are super comfortable to use and are light strings, which makes a super soothing sound at the same time.

If you have not selected string for your acoustic guitar yet, what are you waiting for? I have provided you with reviews of the best strings.

Go click on the link, and get your favorite strings right away.

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