6 Best 12 String Guitars Under $2000

Numerous musicians are producing quality music these days. Do you want to be one of them too?

So, what sound do you like the most? A rich tone will always grab the attention of the listeners. So, what instrument would you be in need of for this purpose?

One of the most widely used instrument is the guitar. Guitars undoubtedly look the coolest, but there are more crucial technical aspects associated with them as well.

Guitars can vary in types, shapes, and strings as well. You may have come across 12 string guitars in the market.

These offer a richer tone and high-quality sound as well. However, these instruments do come a little expensive. But, do not worry, as there are affordable options out there as well.

Here is our complete guide that will let you know about the best 12 string guitar under $2000. With any of the following options in hand, you can easily rock any of your performance.

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Takamine EF381SC Kit

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If you want quality sound and top-notch musical performance on the tip of your hands, then the best 12 string guitar under $2000 that you will get is none other than the Takamine EF381SC. This one unit will allow you to get the best of quality sound and construction as well.

The foremost thing that you are going to love about this guitar is its solid and quality-oriented construction. With the solid cedar top, this instrument becomes capable of producing the highest quality sound.

Other than this, as the sides and back of this guitar consists of maple wood panels, the process of sound reflection will undoubtedly enhance.

Moreover, the mahogany neck that it has will grant you both grip and durability as well. Another enormous benefit of buying this item is that it comes with a complete kit of useful accessories. The Takamine hard case will protect your delicate instrument during traveling.

Plus, you will also get a suede strap that will let you be comfortable during your performance, whether on stage or elsewhere.

The glossy black finish of this instrument is what makes it look exceptionally appealing. Moreover, the brand also gives you GoDpsMusic polish cloth for maintaining its beauty. The presence of the CT4B II preamp makes it a real deal.

With this electronic system, you will get a built-in tuner of the guitar, sound controlling button, and three-band EQ as well.

  • Solid cedar top
  • Maple Wood back and sides
  • Mahogany neck
  • Takamine Hard Case
  • Universal Folding Guitar Stand
  • Suede Strap
  • GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
  • CT4B II Electronics

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Taylor 254ce

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Another guitar that has made its way to the list of the best 12 string guitars under $2000 is by a well-known brand. The Taylor Company has proved its worth by launching the Taylor 254ce.

The impeccable quality of this instrument makes it worthy of your belief in it. Besides the exceptional quality, there is a lot more to say about it, so let’s begin.

When it comes to top-class instruments, the first thing one has to look for is the construction quality. This main aspect determines the performance and sound quality.

When it comes to the Taylor 254ce, the best materials that the makers have used in its manufacturing are the main reason behind its successful functionality.

With the combination of spruce wood, rosewood, and layered rosewood, at the top, body, and back, respectively, this guitar is guaranteed to go a long way in serving you to create quality music. All these wooden materials are responsible for enhancing the sound reflection and, ultimately, the sound quality as well.

As it offers a versatile tone, you can play any of your favorite songs on it. Hence, a versatile range of impeccable performances is another promise from the brand. Moreover, the natural color of this instrument makes it evergreen and aesthetically pleasing as well.

  • Spruce Wood top
  • Rosewood body
  • Layered Rosewood back
  • Natural color
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Versatile tone

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Takamine JJ325SRC

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Choosing the best 12 string guitar is not an easy task at all. The market holds several options for customers to get what they need. So, if you are in search of the best 12 string guitar under $2000, we have got just the right choice for you.

The Takamine JJ325SRC is yet another model from 12 string guitar category, and here is all about it.

There is no chance that the built quality of this instrument cannot leave you impressed. With the help of quality materials, you will get durable and functional outcomes from this guitar.

The Bubinga body and back of this product makes sure that the sound gets perfect reflection. As a result, the quality of the produced sound gets enhanced.

Furthermore, as the top of this guitar is made from spruce wood, and the fingerboard is all rosewood, you will get quality and sound side by side with its purchase. Other than this, this John Jorgenson signature guitar comes in 6 string types as well. Plus, you can choose between two options that one is without a kit, while the other comes with a kit included.

The gloss red color of this instrument will present a new and attractive look. Purchasing this will also get you a hard case for the protection of the instrument.

Moreover, with the help of the CT4B II electronic preamp installed in this guitar, you can easily tune it, adjust the volume, and use the three-band EQ.

  • Bubinga body and back
  • Spruce wood top
  • Available with the kit as well
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Gloss red color
  • Hard case
  • CT4B II electronics
  • John Jorgenson collaborated instrument.
  • Relatively pricy
  • Only available in red color

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Gretsch Guitars G5422G-12 Electromatic Hollowbody 12-String Electric Guitar

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Gretsch Guitars, as a brand, has proven to be one of the toughest competitors in the sector. The line-up of amazing instruments that this company produces will leave you speechless for sure.

Loving up to the expectations of its customers, the brand has launched another impeccable guitar. All the offerings of Gretsch Guitars G5422G-12 Electromatic Hollowbody 12-String Electric Guitar are mentioned below.

The maple wood used at the back of this guitar constitutes in making it strong enough for your long-term use. Moreover, as the body of this guitar comes laminated, you will not have to take stress about scratches. The glossy finish of this guitar and the design of it will definitely appeal to you at an instance.

As this instrument is available in two aesthetically pleasing colors, you can either choose to buy the black one or the walnut color as well.

The electrifying sound of this guitar will take your rock and roll songs to the next level. Moreover, the versatile upgraded controls that it offers are helpful in changing the tonal quality of your instrument.

  • Maple wood back
  • Laminated body
  • Available in two different colors
  • Glossy finish
  • Versatile upgraded controls
  • Electrifying sound
  • Case sold separately

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Fender FSR MIJ Traditional Stratocaster XII 12-String Electric Guitar

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Another best 12 string guitar under $2000 is the Fender FSR MIJ Traditional Stratocaster XII 12-String Electric Guitar. If you want to perform outstandingly well, then it is a must-have product. You will definitely rock the rock genre with this one in hand. So, let us go into the details of it.

The basswood body of this guitar, along with the maple neck, grant you the reliability of a durable and functional approach. With the help of this material, the sound gets reflected amazingly, and you will get top-notch tonal quality as well.

Making a purchase is not always that easy. Everyone has their own concerns. To rule this hesitation out, the company offers a return policy of 45 days.

The 12-saddle adjustable bridge of this instrument will grant you greater versatility so that you can make the most out of it and deliver well in each of your performances.

As it features vintage-style tuners, you can get the raw and husky sound out of it as well. Plus, for the protection of the guitar, the makers have also included a deluxe gig bag for your convenience.

  • Basswood body
  • Maple neck
  • 12-Saddle Adjustable Bridge
  • Vintage-Style Tuners
  • Includes Deluxe Gig Bag
  • 45-day return policy
  • Not easy to tune

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Video: “Fender Stratocaster XII DEMO”

Other 12 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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From the top-ranked 12 string guitars within affordable price range, another big name is the Other 12 string acoustic-electric guitar. What’s so special about this one is what we are going to explain here. So, let’s not keep you waiting and get straight into it.

The spruce wooden body of this guitar is the main highlight of it. With this high-quality material, this one is capable of being your performance companion for years and years to come.

As the body and back of this one are made from Mahogany, you will get the most premium sound quality through it. This material contributes to enhancing the reflection process of sound waves.

Other than the built quality and construction, other highlights of this instrument that delivers impeccable performance are its deluxe recurve-style. With this design, you will get an ergonomic and perfect armrest bevel. This comforting feature will let you be at ease while performing.

As far as the look or appearance is concerned, the natural color tone of this guitar will make it attractive and appealing for a long duration.

Furthermore, for having versatility in the tonal quality of this guitar, you will also get a premium Fishman electronic preamp installed in it. This will allow you to change the settings as per the genre that you are playing.

  • Spruce Wood top
  • Mahogany body and back
  • Deluxe recurve-style
  • Natural color
  • Premium Fishman electronics
  • Does not come with a kit

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What To Look For In A 12 Sting Guitar?

As there are many options available in the market when it comes to the best 12 string guitar under $2000, choosing the right one is not easy at all.

So, here are some enlisted points that you should consider before making the final decision.


Type of Guitar

Specifying the type of guitar that you want is the foremost and most significant point. The two main types of guitars are acoustic and electric guitar. This entirely depends upon your personal taste in music.

If you want to rock and roll with the crowd by creating raw and husky sound, go for the electric option. While if you want to get a softer and richer tone, an acoustic guitar will suit you more.



Material is another main point that needs special attention from the buyer’s end. The material of the guitar will determine its lifespan.

Generally, rosewood, maple, and spruce wood are the most common materials that are used. The material is also responsible for enhancing the sound reflection and, ultimately, the sound quality.



The accessories that come along with a guitar will also increase its worth for you. Some guitars come with complete kits while some do not.

The kit includes a bag for protection, strap for comfort in performing, polishing cloth, etc. All these items will help you in maintaining the quality of your guitar.



The look of a musical instrument does matter a lot. Some would like to have a glossy finish while others will prefer matte.

In both cases, you can find multiple colors and designs.


Built-in preamps

One of the most important aspects of a 12-string guitar is a built-in preamp.

These electronic systems will help you in tuning the sound of your instrument and modifying its volume as well.

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The Bottom Line

From the best available products to how to get the right one for yourself, we have shed light upon every aspect of 12 string guitars. The more you will invest your time in the research, the better you will be able to buy for your use.

Do remember that setting your basic need about the type of guitar is the most important aspect.

Moreover, it is also important to go through the details regarding the materials used in the making of the instrument. If you get accessories included in a package, it will never prove to be worthless for you.

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